Australia’s test in Afghanistan “may be postponed”

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Australian Cricket Association (CA) Chief Executive Nick Hawkley told local media on Monday that Australia’s test in Afghanistan may be postponed until it becomes clearer what impact the Taliban’s takeover will have on sports in the country.

CA threatened last month to cancel the test originally scheduled to begin in Hobart on November 27, if the Taliban government that came to power in August would not allow women and girls to participate in the sport.

“We are likely to postpone (the test) to a clearer point in time, which is after consultation with the Australian government,” Hawkley told ABC.

“The work we have been doing is to understand the local situation.

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“We have stated our position very, very clearly, because some of the previous comments may be that cricket is an unsupported sport for women and girls in Afghanistan.”

Hawkley also said that he believes the negotiations with the Western Australian State Government will be successful, and the fifth ashes test will be conducted in Perth next January as scheduled.

After Hawkley held two video conferences with England players to alleviate their concerns about overly strict biosafety protocols, the tourist conditionally agreed to continue the tour.

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Western Australia has adopted strict border control measures to exclude COVID-19 from the state. If the government adheres to its regulations, the England team will be isolated for two weeks after arriving in Perth for the fourth test from Sydney.

Hawkley believes that the state will be prepared to relax the isolation requirements and allow English players to conduct the Perth test in a biosafety bubble with a certain degree of freedom.

“We really want to conduct the fifth test in Perth. This is definitely our intention,” he added.

“These discussions take place while we are speaking. This will be our focus in the coming months.”

The Ashes series will begin in Brisbane on December 8.


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