Before the Showtime PPV boxing match with Jack Paul, what you should know about Tyronn Woodley

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After the elimination of former UFC boxer Ben Askron in April last year, many fans called on Jack Paul to improve his game and fight well-trained boxers.Instead, Paul decided to fight with his ex UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley.

On the one hand, Woodley is not a boxing enthusiast, he will not provide answers to actual potential customers on how the skills of social media influencers accumulate. On the other hand, Woodley is undoubtedly the most dangerous opponent in Paul’s young career-a versatile fighting sports champion with a strong knockout ability.

For those who are interested in participating in the circus on Sunday night but are not familiar with Woodley, let’s take a look at some things to know.

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Woodley is one of the best welterweight players in UFC history

During Woodley’s tenure as the welterweight champion, UFC promoted him to be promoted to the greatest welterweight champion in history. This has never been true, at least George Saint-Pierre ranks above him on any reasonable historical list. With the current division champion Kamaru Usman (Kamaru Usman) ruled, this situation has become even more unreal. In other words, it is true that Woodley is one of the best 170-pound boxers of all time.

After his UFC career started 3-2, Woodley played 6-0, which included defeating UFC legend Robbie Lawler in the knockout round to win the championship. Before losing unilaterally to Usman, he will continue to successfully keep his belt in four games.

It is undeniable that Woodley has a very successful career and championship title, enough to make him legally among the welterweight historical elite, even if he is not a 170-pound goat

His best days of fighting are over

No matter how elite Woodley was, those days are over in the game against Usman. Although losing to Usman is not a shame, Woodley was completely ineffective in this battle. Usman defeated Woodley 336-60 in the general strike and 141-34 in the major strike. The fight felt like the chicken came home to inhabit Woodley’s passive offensive style, which resulted in 22% of his professional games ending in a tie, split or majority decision.

Woodley will end his UFC career after losing four consecutive games. With the exception of the last loss, the statistics of all games are unbalanced.

Kamaru Usman def. Woodley passed the decision



Gilbert Burns def. Woodley passed the decision



Colby Covington def. Woodley passed the decision



Vicente Luque Submitted by Woodley



Powerful blow but low output

Woodley’s amazing performance is one of his biggest tools and one of his biggest weaknesses. He has a real one-punch ability, and he seems to fall in love with this ability, which damages some of his other skills. Many of Woodley’s fights saw him with his back to the cage, allowing his opponent to attack while trying to release his heavy right hand. As the age began to catch up with Woodley, this style began to become less effective until he was able to make Luke fight for four minutes in the final UFC game.

Woodley’s tendency to find himself in close combat on the scorecard is largely a product of his low output style. Without taking advantage of the threat of his solid wrestling match, Woodley would have fewer opportunities to land on the right hand he relied on in his MMA career.

As a smaller person, without his wrestling matches to rely on, and has a history of passive offensive methods, it is a big requirement for Woodley to enter the ring with Paul and lose.


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