Bharat Allen: It’s a pity that Ashwin hasn’t had a game so far

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Bowling coach Bharat Allen said at a virtual press conference on Wednesday that if the oval-shaped court assists spin and he is in the team management’s “plan”, India’s chief spinner R. Ashwin may be listed. Enter XI of the fourth test. .

So far, Ashwin hasn’t played a game in the series, even though his possession is very good. In the past 12 months, he has scored 48 wickets in eight Tests, including 32 wickets in the four Tests against England in India earlier this year. In the final of the World Test Championship against New Zealand, he made 4 of 45 shots in two innings with a score of 17.95.

“There is no doubt that Ashwin is one of the best bowlers we have. Unfortunately, he has not participated in the game so far. But if there is a chance, we feel that he is in the plan, [Ashwin and Jadeja] I will definitely play bowling at the same time,” Allen said.

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Allen said that after the team saw the stadium, the final decision on XI will be made on Thursday morning.

“The history of The Oval says it helps spin. But you also know how the British are wary of Ashwin’s abilities and what he can do, if there is any help on the track. The most realistic option is to watch the track tomorrow morning— Because anything can happen from now to tomorrow-so we will check the track and make a decision tomorrow morning.”

Allen is confident of the better performance of the Indian team in the fourth and fifth Tests, after losing in Headingley’s game.

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“We did it in the past. We were eliminated in 36 games and bounced back. Even in India, we suffered a big defeat in the first Test match against England. We have our own way of rebounding, and we did it. We did it in the past. You can gain some confidence from what you have done in the past. I believe you will see a more energetic performance in the next test matches,” he said.

Allen thinks it is unfair to criticize the performance of Indian bowlers in Headingley-they allowed England to score 432 points in the first game-because defending 78 points is a challenging task.

“For bowlers, defensive low scores are the biggest challenge. They have done this in the past. If they don’t do it once, I think it’s unfair to pull up the bowler. And you’ve gotten to realize that we’re playing. A fierce international series, this is also under their home court conditions. There will definitely be some losses, we know, we understand. We have to accept it, accept the positive side from here, and then move on,” he said.

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How does India plan to contain Joe Root, who has hit three centuries in three tests? “We gave him a very quick start. Obviously, we have studied these areas in depth and we will try to stop them,” Allen replied.

In order to increase India’s bowling inventory in the series, Placid Krishna will join the Indian team on Wednesday. Allen clarified that including him is to take into account the workload of the Indian team in the series, which does not mean that he is about to be selected for XI.

“He was included in the team mainly because of workload management issues. No more. Ishant [Sharma]The state of the last game was a bit worrying, but I think we have solved the problem. But Prasidh Krishna is just a preventive tolerance,” he said.

Arun also said that Ravindra Jadeja was taken to the Yorkshire hospital as a precautionary measure and he was perfectly suited to participate in the game on Thursday. “He went through a very normal and preventive scan. All he has to do is put on the hospital clothes and take the picture. This creates a bigger scam than this. So, it has nothing to do with Jadeja and absolutely suitable.”

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