Can neem oil kill ticks?

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Neem oil has a good reputation as a panacea.It has become one of the most popular products Natural plant insecticide in the market.

Depending on whether it is applied systemically or externally, Neem can also fight various fungal, bacterial and microbial infections.

Tick ​​the leaves in the gardenpin

But did you know that it can kill pests other than insects? Red spider is related to spiders and other arachnids.

therefore, Neem oil can kill spider mites It is an acaricide other than insecticides and fungicides.

Neem oil has been one of the most commonly used substances in Ayurvedic medicine for more than 5,000 years and is now used in many health products.

This leads to a logical question: if neem oil is an acaricide and used in humans, will it fight ticks?

Can neem oil kill ticks?

The good news is that neem can indeed kill ticks (as well as fleas and mites).

The bad news is that it will not kill immediately, you must use it with caution.

Neem and pets: what you need to know

ASPCA does not consider neem tree (Neem) Toxic to cats, dogs or horses.

However, when ingested in excess of trace amounts, it can cause serious side effects.

In humans, this may include:

  • diarrhea
  • abortion
  • Seizures
  • Adult Vomiting
  • Brain disease or coma in children

For this reason, toothpaste containing neem is best for adults only to avoid accidentally swallowing more than a small amount.

As for pets: dogs and horses are generally safe around neem shampoo. Use these shampoos carefully for proper dilution (usually one neem for every ten other ingredients).

Cats have more sensitive skin and are a heavy beautician, so they are more prone to allergic reactions or ingestion of neem residues. Therefore, it is best to avoid using neem on them.

Look for the following symptoms of excessive neem ingestion by pets:

Convulsions, dyskinesias, excessive salivation and convulsions.

Therefore, it is best to be extra careful when treating pets with neem and make sure that they will not groom their hair afterwards.

How neem kills ticks

Neem oil is not an immediate killer, which often makes it seem ineffective.

But it can affect ticks in two ways: local and internal.

When spraying neem leaf spray (1 teaspoon clear hydrophobic neem oil per quart of emulsified water) directly, the neem tree will block the airways of the tick, causing it to suffocate.

Conversely, when the tick ingests 2 tablespoons of 100% cold pressed neem oil mixture per gallon of emulsified water (used as Neem soil soaked), will cause them to lose appetite, infertility, and starve to death.

Due to the risk of side effects, ingesting raw neem mixture is a bad idea, so you can only use it topically.

Apply neem to pets

As mentioned earlier, please use it with caution, especially cats.

Dilute one part raw neem oil with 10 parts vegetable oil or coconut oil to make homemade shampoo.

Do not use commercial neem shampoo on cats, because serious illness and even death have already occurred.

Wash your pet and leave the oil on it for ten minutes, then rinse it off thoroughly. Avoid getting shampoo close to your pet’s face.

If needed, use an E collar to prevent pets from combing their hair until they are thoroughly rinsed and dried.

Applying neem to humans

You can use the above formula as a mite-killing lotion for adults, but it should be used with caution for young children.

Neem oil decomposes under ultraviolet light, so it is more effective against ticks that are already attached.

It will cause the tick to fall off and slowly die.

Suitable for your yard

You can use the neem soil soaking recipe mentioned above Garden sprayer Kill any ticks hiding in your yard at dusk or dawn.

Spray the ground thoroughly, taking care not to let the mixture touch the garden or ornamental plants. Raw neem can cause allergic reactions or burns to many plants.

Repeat this process every 1 to 2 weeks during the summer as needed.

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