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This is Jan Le Clair from Kingston, Ontario, Canada. I have been gardening in this historic house built in 1866 for about 15 years. We are located in three city blocks north of Lake Ontario, in District 5B. You have been to my garden before (Garden refuge from the city); However, last spring and this spring, with the new normal of working at home, I have overhauled the front and back of the garden.they are small garden, Because the plot area of ​​our townhouse is very small. But there is no grass to cut, I like it.

this Front garden Now almost entirely Pollinator friendly plant. Yellow, purple and white, with a little orange interspersed in the middle, is the front sun garden scheme.

Early spring is about iris, a kind of “wrinkled white” peony (Peony ‘Krinkled White’, zone 4-8), bridal veil spirea (Spiraea plum Bossom, Area 5–8) and purple hardy Geranium The seeds are heavy, but I like rich colors.Newly planted orange gems (gold Mixed, area 4-10) is the orange line.

A ball of yellow beard irisSoft yellow beard Iris (iris Hybrid, beard group, area 3-9) for spring display.

Garden bed overlooking the city streetHere you can see how urbanized this garden space is. You don’t need a large area to have a lovely garden.

Garden bed in front of brick houseThis is the same garden bed, but the house is viewed from the street.

Garden bed with yellow white and purple flowersSummer is here, the garden bed has completely changed, blue Perovsky Fig (Area 4-9) and Yellow Black Eyed Susan (Coneflower Fuljida, Area 3-9) dominates.

LantanaYellow-orange is this lantana (Lantana Camara, Districts 7-11 or once a year).

Purple flowers in front of yellow flowersBlack-eyed Susan seen through the branches Perovski.

White peony flowerSingle-petal peony with “wrinkle white” like this peony People with more petals are better at standing without falling.

Pink and yellow liliesWhat a charming oriental lily (lily Mixed, Eastern Group, Zone 4-9).Oriental Lily has some of the strongest perfume The world of lilies.

Pale yellow lily with purple flowers behindA soft yellow daylily (Hemerocallis Mixed, zone 3-9) perfectly combined with blue Perovsky.

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