Canelo Alvarez’s next game in 2021: three opponents the Mexican superstar may face in November

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Canelo Alvarez (Canelo Alvarez) has never shy away from challenges, and any opponent rarely misses the best payday of his career against the top appeal of boxing. Nevertheless, these factors did not make Canelo and Caleb Plant successfully book a super middleweight united battle on September 18.

Even before Carneiro smashed Billy Joe Sanders’ face in May, a contest with Plant was an established goal. Nevertheless, the negotiations broke down in the final stage of the process, and Carneiro missed the Mexico Independence Day weekend for the third consecutive year.

so what Yes The next Mexican superstar? Let’s take a look at the top three options for Canelo’s targeted November return.

most likely

Caleb Plant (21-0, 12 KOs), IBF super middleweight champion

The battle with Plante is still an obvious route for Carneiro. For the first time in history, the 168-pound four-belt unity, the competitive nature of paper battles, and the simple fact that both people seem to really want the battle to happen. Plant and Premier Boxing Champions are unwilling to succumb to terms that they think are unfair to the September game, of course, but time and money can heal all wounds, especially in fighting games.

The addition of a few months also gives both parties time to calmly deal with anything that may be considered “accept or leave” in the later push, in an attempt to make Carneiro a battle that is traditionally an important weekend. Mexican star. The next round of negotiations has already begun, and it starts from where both sides know the obstacles that need to be removed.

Canelo has a clear plan for his career in the next few years, and Plante is always the next player. It’s hard to imagine that he didn’t get what he wanted.

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Dmitry Bivol (18-0, 11 KOs), WBA light heavyweight champion

The Alvarez team tried to switch from Plant to Bivol to save the September date. Bivol holds the WBA light heavyweight title, and Canelo won the gold medal with 175 pounds before being promoted in November 2019, beating Sergey Kovalev.

Bivol’s team stated that they agreed to compete with Alvarez for a light heavyweight belt with a receiving weight of 172 pounds in September, but Canelo and his team decided that the window for the battle was too tight and chose to move to November. Nevertheless, Bivol is not only willing to participate in the competition, but also willing to participate in the heavyweight competition, which makes him the most likely choice for the plant competition to fail for any reason.

In addition, in Carneiro’s pursuit of historic moments, gaining weight and defeating young, undefeated light heavyweights is more meaningful than his last weightlifting competition to defeat Kovalev in the past peak period.


Artur Beterbiev (16-0, 16 KOs), WBC and IBF light heavyweight champion

The only light heavyweight player in the world who is better than Bivol is Beterbiev, who is the holder of the WBC and IBF belts. In the current discussion about Carneiro’s next game, Betbyev’s name did not appear too much, but there is no doubt that any effort Carneiro wants to truly dominate the light heavyweight must be with Beit Biev plays a game.

Batebiev and WBO champion Joe Smith seem to be preparing for a unified game, although it seems logical that this game will take a back seat in the conflict with Carneiro. Betbyev even made it clear that a game with Carneiro might make him abandon his plan to pursue unity.

“This pair [Canelo’s] The representative reached an agreement with me,” Beitbyev told Match TV“I am eager to win a new championship. For me, it is more interesting than money. If [Canelo’s handlers] Contact me and I will give them a positive answer. I want to be the undisputed champion, or I want to fight Carneiro. “


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