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Regular GPOD writer Cherry Ong has been sharing some of the incredible gardens she visited this year.

In August of this year, I had the opportunity to visit some gardens on Vancouver Island.One of them is Milner Gardens, An impressive natural manor garden.

This garden has a different flavor from the usual flowering gardens we see. I think all avid gardeners will love and appreciate its personality.

The history of the garden

According to the park website, This garden was originally the estate of the Milner family and was purchased by Ray Milner in 1939 to escape his work in Alberta. His second wife, Veronica Milner, was a British nobleman and was related to figures such as Winston Churchill and Diana, Princess of Wales. She is also an artist and a passionate gardener. Veronica helped shape the manor’s garden and added many rare and unusual trees that she and her husband had collected when traveling abroad. The Milners call their estate “long distance.” After being acquired by Vancouver Island University in 1996, it was renamed Milner Gardens.

Ivy-covered building surrounded by greeneryThe building is almost completely covered by Boston ivy (Patnosis Tricuspid valve, Area 4–8).

Pergola and garden statuesThe garden structure and benches provide a place to sit and admire the sculptures and distant trees.

Garden fence with holes in front of treesI like to see the hint of the garden through this opening in the structure, vine.

Tree-lined gardenGreen, green, and more greens. No flowers are needed here-this is a very soothing space.

Garden bench looking at the seaThere are also some very incredible views.I like this The garden is now open to the public So everyone can enjoy it.

Garden statue of heron hidden among plantsHeron statue in lush green space

A building with many hydrangeas in frontThe building was almost swallowed in bloom Hydrangea (Hydrangea Big leaf, Area 5-9).

Greenhouse surrounded by potted plantsEven a rear corner greenhouse Potted flowers are beautiful.

The garden swimming pool next to the steps leading to the garden pathThe wide steps invite you to explore the garden in the distance.

Garden swimming pool with trees and shrubsCompletely still, mirror-like water reflecting Mimosa tree (Albizia Julie Brisin, Districts 6-9) in full bloom.

Do you have a garden you want to share?

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