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[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] A lot of things seem to have happened to the perfumes I have been trying recently. At first I didn’t like them very much, but it turned out to be very cute. In the beginning, Coach Dreams Sunset was too appetizing for me because it exudes a “pear ice cream flavor” (which makes me disgusted, rather than attracting me to use this perfume as a consumer) and vanilla and the base note Tonka beans. Once I read that the corkscrew was a pear, it all made sense, it became immediately obvious on the second spray, and just because I knew what it was, it smelled fresher and less gourmet.

Coach dream sunset

After the fruity scent settles down, floral scents begin to appear-jasmine and magnolia, the latter dominating-so it is a light sweetness that blends well with the creamy skin scent. This is much easier than I initially thought-I am ready to put Coach Dreams Sunset into the candy field, but not only that, if you like fruity floral fragrances, please don’t ignore this. I tend to test perfume blindly-for example, I didn’t really look at the fragrance first, but in this case, I hope I have it, because my sense of smell and brain are not connected on the pear. There are still traces of vanilla that can rule it out for me, but if you don’t mind it, Dreams Sunset is worth a spray.


I don’t think it has been launched in the UK yet-I made a “mistake” of going to the Coach UK website to try to find it, and found myself looking at the package in the sales section. I will share below what I think is the best bright bag for summer, but before that, I need to warn you that the spray comes from the flower-don’t pull the flower off the top like I did, and then want to know how to put it The scent is amazing.


I mean, how cute that is! Many inner pockets are (obviously) as beautiful as pictures. I thought I was a strict black bag person, but I have a yellow handbag, I used it almost this summer, it changed my idea of ​​bright bags can make a set of clothes sing. Kind of like a bright lipstick that I never thought I could wear.Anyway, it’s not cheap, 210 pounds, even though it’s on sale, and it’s 350 pounds, but it put some sunshine in my days just to see it here It also comes in white, black and tan.

Unattached is here.

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