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ColourPop Darling Super Shock Cheek (0.15 oz. $8.00) is a darker, orange-toned copper color, with a warm reddish undertone, with delicate golden pearls, giving it a soft, bright finish. It has more opaque color coverage, apply with your fingertips, and use a synthetic brush for more medium, buildable coverage, such as those available on the market.

The texture is smooth, emollient, and slightly wet to the touch, but once it touches my skin, it becomes a powdery application and finish. It spreads evenly and blends well on bare skin and foundation. It stayed for 10 hours before it disappeared from me.

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Formula overview
Detailed information about general performance and characteristics (such as smell).

Formula overview

US$8.00/0.15 ounce. —— $53.33 per ounce

The formula should have “buildable” coverage and can be applied with fingertips (this will produce “higher coverage”) or a brush (for more transparent coverage). It is a cream-based product that has a subtle “moisturizing” feel, but never has the thickness of a real cream blush. It continues to maintain the smoothness of the cream formula, but spreads and blends more like a powder product (without lifting the foundation). The product is set in a powder finish, so the product does not slip during the day. On me, wear and tear is often between 8 and 10 hours. Most shades have medium, buildable pigmentation, sometimes some are translucent to opaque. They are generally mixable, easy to use, and wearable for long periods of time.

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