ColourPop Fresh’n’ Peachy Blush Review & Swatches

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ColourPop Fresh’n’ Peachy Powder Blush (US$8.00 for 0.13 ounces) is a brighter light medium coral with a mild, warm undertone and a matte finish. It has translucent, spreadable pigmentation, has a smoother, more velvety texture, and is thin and slightly powdery. I find that this formula can usually be flat/almost dry on my skin, so the product can be applied carefully to get a mixed look that does not emphasize the natural texture of my skin, which is the case. It was worn for eight hours, and then it faded visibly.

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Formula overview
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Formula overview

US$8.00/0.13 ounces. —— $61.54 per ounce

The formula should be “smooth” and have a “natural and healthy rinse”, with “long wear” and “can be layered to the intensity you want”. It is a light to moderate powdery powder blush with a translucent to translucent color effect that can be superimposed. The consistency has a drier, thinner feel, and although it feels smooth to the touch, I find that the type of powder blush is difficult to blend evenly on the skin, depending on a person’s skin type or basic preference. The drier the skin/base, the better the formula blends, but any natural oils or greasiness will cause the blush to be uneven and difficult to blend. My average wear time is between seven and eight hours.

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