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Welcome to Dale Coulter Gardens in Sutton, Massachusetts.

I always wanted one greenhouse Become my next gardening challenge.I’ve been an avid gardener for many years, just doing it once Garden tour with friends. Then, over the years, my “I can do it” brain took over.I have multiple garden areas (I named it so that my husband can find me!), including the sundial garden where the greenhouse is located; this Water garden; this cough Hexin Garden; and Daylily Garden. I don’t think of myself as a master gardener, but a person who gardens intuitively. I like to encourage new gardeners to take this leap of faith.

The greenhouse consists of recycled windows and stained glass beams. The end of the gable is made of cut steel that I designed, cut and painted. The whole project is amazing, from donated windows, recycled floor pavers to timely expert services for waterjet steel cutting machines, and most importantly, my talented carpenter husband! I named it “Grateful Greenhouse”.

Large summer plants in bloom leading to the greenhouseThe Thanksgiving Greenhouse is located in a garden full of flowers. The dominant plant in this photo is the native plant: Black-eyed Susan (Coneflower Fuljida, Area 4-9), echinacea (Echinacea Purpura, Area 3–8), and Garden phlox (Phlox Spike flower, Area 4–8).

A greenhouse designed with sunflowers on the front gableHow beautiful is this greenhouse? Surprisingly, most of this comes from donated and recycled materials.

Greenhouse interiorI have never seen a greenhouse with chandelier before!

Potted plants in the greenhouseInside, plants are beautifully displayed on benches and even old ladders are used as plant stands.

The greenhouse lights up at nightDell’s incredible gable end

Pink and yellow flowers in front of the garden pergolaMore black-eyed Susan and garden phlox, both beautiful and loved by locals Pollinator

A wide view of the garden full of blooming plantsThe wide view shows how much has happened in this garden!

Orange and purple liliesThese stunning Asiatic lilies (lily Hybrids, Asian group, regions 4-9) have the most incredible flower colors and patterns in this genus.

Huge vines on the garden gateHuge trumpet vine (Campsis Free radicals, Area 4-9) arched over the door.Trumpet vine is native to eastern North America, and its flowers are very popular. Hummingbird.

There are many flowering potted plants on the terraceColor explosion of potted plants Yearbook

There are many different hosta in the shady gardeninside shadow, The beauty of the garden continues, turning to rich greens and mottled patterns Horstas (cough Hybrid vehicles, zones 3-9).

Do you have a garden you want to share?

Do you have any photos to share? We would love to see your garden, the specific plant series you like, or the wonderful garden you have the opportunity to visit!

Submit and send 5-10 photos to [email protected] And some information about the plants in the photo and where the photo was taken. We would love to know where you are, how long you have been in gardening, the success you are proud of, the lessons you learned from it, your hope for the future, your favorite plants or interesting stories in your garden.

If you want to send photos to GPOD mailbox That’s fine.

Do you have a cell phone?Tag your photo Facebook, Instagram or Twitter With #FineGardening!

You don’t have to be a professional garden photographer – check out our Garden photography skills!

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