Devraj Govindraj recalls his victory at the Oval in 1971

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Former Hyderabad walker Devraj Govindraj toured England with the Indian team in 1971, witnessing the historic victory of the Oval Stadium.

He is not a member of XI, but was fortunate to watch BS Chandrasekhar spin the magic to tie up England. “When I look back, it is incredible to see Chandra defeating England 101 in the second game and setting us a 173 victory goal. Our captain Ajit (Ajit) Wadekar) told the boys to draw. His reason was that no Indian team had ever played a test series in England,” the 74-year-old recalled in a chat with him. athletic star.

“Frankly, there was no discussion of any kind. It was just a simple message from Ajit. Once the team entered the field, it was obvious that they couldn’t read Chandra at all because they were too defensive,” he said.

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“What makes the British batsman’s pain more complicated is the talent of Eknath Solkar, who has completed some amazing catches. In fact, at one stage, they were more worried that he would be more worried than the bowler that he would dive to catch anything. Bugs,” said Govindraj, who was one of five Hyderabadians on the Indian team in the 1971 England Tour. The others are Abbas Ali Baig, P. Krishnamurthy, Syed Abid Ali and Kenya Jayantilal.

“I don’t regret not participating in the game. Because the fast bowler has no place in the plan. Gavaskar and Abid Ali opened the bowling alley. Spinning is our trump card,​​” he said.

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“That victory was a huge surprise for all of us. Moreover, watching the game in the locker room was an unforgettable experience in itself,” said the former walker.

“Also, I can tell you that when we landed in Mumbai, thousands of fans lined up and sprinkled petals in our ranks! This is the biggest reception ever for any team in Mumbai,” He said, adding that he expects Villat Koli’s team to make a comeback after Headingley’s defeat.

“Kohli’s team is a very good team with an excellent fast bowling offense, and in our time, spin is hitting. I like the attitude of the current fast bowlers. Although they failed in the last test, they It can still come back strongly,” Govindraj concluded.

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