ENG v IND, first test: Rahul, Anderson performed well in rainy days

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James Anderson knocked out Villat Colley for the sixth time in a test match, which left India struggling in four games against England with a score of 125 on the second day of the first Test at Nottingham Trent Bridge. Due to the rain, only 33 games can be played that day.

Scorecard and ball-by-ball comment

39-year-old Anderson (13.4-7-15-2) got rid of Cheteshwar Pujara (4) and Virat Kohli (0) with precise deliveries, as India dropped from 0 of 97 to 4 of 112 in less than six innings. From KL Rahul (57, 151) fight side by side with Rishabh Pant (7).

emphasize – ENG v IND, test 1, day 2

Thanks to Rohit Sharma (36, 107b, 6×4), India’s advantage in the first game was offset by Anderson’s spell, and the resulting pressure seemed to have led to the elimination of Ajinkya Rahane (5).

After the talented Karnataka batsman lost his place in the longest format due to a long bad patch, Rahul’s elegant test match batting is sure to loosen up the Indian team’s management. Tone. He may also be Anderson’s third victim, but he fell down, which was a rare mistake he made that day.

His nine boundaries are mainly serve, majesty, and the control of his thoughts when choosing a bad ball under cloudy conditions is exemplary.

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But Anderson did win the cake that day, because the pacemaker tied Anil Kumble’s 619 scalp record. After fooling Coley again in the uncertain corridor, he tied Kumble’s record. Corley’s kick for an internal spin player is a more comprehensive shot, but it sticks to Jos Butler’s gloves. Both Kohli and Anderson will revisit their competition in 2014.

In the previous ball, Anderson used a ball that seemed to shape him in the air to push Pugara forward, but when he pushed forward, he deviated from the direction. Pujala receives the ball after Butler receives the ball. Delivery can get any hitter out, but Pujara’s 16 goals and a short stay of 17 minutes really show that he is under tremendous pressure. He could have been fired by Ollie Robinson (15-5-32-1) earlier when he straightened his arms, but his height saved him.

Rohit, Rahul show

However, before Rohit’s now familiar pulling habits led to his downfall at lunchtime, the Indian team had one of the best opening stands on the recent England Tour. The performance of the opening duo was enough to put the four-pronged home team offense into trouble, but Rohit tried to pass Robinson’s short ball to the square leg boundary and was not rewarded.

This partnership undoubtedly puts England at a disadvantage. Deep spots are sometimes stationed to prevent border flow.

The opening duo waited patiently for loose deliveries and made some pleasant drives, keeping the scoreboard ticking, and Rahul blended caution and aggressiveness to remain undefeated. Their game plan is simple: Say goodbye to the first hour with minimal risk. Especially Rohit, he demonstrated his technical prowess in driving mobile delivery.

He is ready to wait. This is not his characteristic. It shows how much he wants to get high scores under overseas conditions. But when the opportunity appeared, he did show Robinson why he was so highly rated among his peers. He hits an excellent back shot and opens his club face to slide between the ball point and the gully when needed, or throw one out of the hip.

Rahul moved into the game with a run, leading 11 of his first 60 balls, but when the ball stopped moving after the 30 mark, he hit some fine squares and screens. He knew he needed to speed up the game, and he did it in the last 45 minutes. Once Sam Curran entered the bowling ball, the lack of fast pace helped Rahul and Rohit sprint forward and beat the offside cordon with a clear forward pressure.

However, on the third day, he needed to start from the beginning after several interruptions to get a big one.

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