ENG vs IND, 3rd Test on Day 1: After India collapsed in 78 games, England ranked first in Headingley

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England defeated India with a meager 78 points and beat India with 120 points, controlling its strong response ahead of schedule in Headingley’s third Test on Wednesday.

Scorecard and ball-by-ball comment

Complementing the efforts of the pitchers is that Haseeb Hamid and Rory Burns hit the ball for the rest of the opening day, creating the best opening partnership in England so far in the series. Hamid celebrated his promotion to the opener role with 60 unbeaten games, while Burns led with 52 points, England led by 42 points, and is expected to lead in the first game.

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“This is a beautiful day for us, no failure overnight,” said Craig Overton, a 3-14 sealer, told Sky Sports.

“This is good for us bowlers. When we get back there, we can take a break and get ready. We know they are a good bowling offense. We know that tomorrow will still be tough, so we need to hit hard. They withdrew from the game.”

Magic spell

Indian captain Verat Kohli won the game, but he regretted his decision to hit the ball because the edge kept flying into the gloves that Jos Butler was waiting behind the stump. The immortal James Anderson alone forced the three of them to read 8-5-6-3 in his magic spell.

KL Rahul, in good condition, was the first person to be fired because he was blocked by a duck. He even tried to drive before he even noticed. This will be the template for the next four firings. Cheteshwar Pujara failed, thinking about the direction of the ball in two thoughts.

Rory Burns and Hasib Hamid shot 120 at the first wicket and will resume the game in England the next day. -AP

So far, the series between Coley and the Bats has been quite mild, and Anderson won in the most recent round of individual duels to ensure that this state is maintained. Anderson jumped up, roared, and celebrated that the Indian captain was fired for seven games.

Four wickets out of six balls

Oli Robinson attacked on either side of the lunch break and fired India’s deputy captain Ajinkya Rahane and dangerous Rishabh Pant, reducing the Indian team’s score to 58 to 5. Rohit Sharma (19 years old) faced 105 balls, but threw away his wicket and tried to pull his shoulders-the high ball from outside the stump.

India then lost four wickets within a span of six goals, and finally languished in more than 40 games and two quarters, ranking third from the bottom in the game against England.

The English seamen were rewarded for bowling longer, while Overton and Sam Kuran (27 shooting 2 points) were both rejected by Indian players to perform a hat trick.

India led 1-0 in the pentathlon test series. They won the grumpy second test at Lord’s, where they exchanged fierce words and both trailing bodies were violently attacked by bodyguards.

The tourist sent a constant team. England brought in Dawid Malan for Dom Sibley, and Overton replaced the injured Mark Wood.

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