ENG vs IND: India will continue to support Rishabh Pant-Kohli

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So far, Rishabh Pant has a quiet series. Not only was he joking behind the stump, more importantly, he was waving the willow tree. However, due to the inconsistent attention of the Big Three on the rewards of rankings 3, 4 and 5, Pant’s lack of running was relatively ignored.

However, as it was during the period The third test in Leeds, Not just a lack of running, but Pant’s inability to solve the accuracy of the England Pacers with the ball, which resulted in meager returns. Otherwise, for a batsman like Pant, his incredible skill of scoring and running in the most unconventional way is far from acceptable with a score of 17.40 of 87 points in the first three tests in England.

With Pant’s amazing talent, the batsman-goalkeeper is often awarded a long rope by the team management. Even after his meager reward-which left Ravindra Jadeja doing nothing in the 7th place and with a longer tail than the top players-captain Virat Kohli stood firmly beside Pant.

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“A similar conversation is being initiated [Cheteshwar] Pujara and seems to have disappeared after yesterday (Friday). So, as I said in the past, we want to give Risab all the space to play his game, understand the situation and take responsibility, just as the others in the batting sequence expect. After losing one game and 76 games, he said there are still five lessons in Hedlingley.

“You can’t always judge whether people succeed or fail based on numbers. This is not how you form a team. There is still time for the series. After two more tests, we can review and analyze and say that these are not correct areas. At this moment, it’s not the time yet.”

Although Pant was at his best during his trip to England earlier this year, regaining his identity as a goalkeeper and continuing his sled race in Australia, veteran Wriddhiman Saha is waiting for his chance on both wings, but it is interesting if Pant Show confidence in him on the Oval later this week.

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