ENG vs IND, second test, day 4: Despite resistance from Rahane and Pujara, England maintains an advantage

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Cheteshwar Pujara and Ajinkya Rahane found a much-needed run to save India from a dangerous situation, and gave their team one in the second test of Rhodes against England on Sunday (August 15) Fighter will.

Scorecard and ball-by-ball comment

The Indian team struggled with a score of 55 points, leading by 28 points-considering the long struggle of the middle class and its long tail, the team stared at the batting collapse. However, Pujara (206 shots with 45 points) and Rahane (146 shots with 61 points) thrived under tremendous pressure. They hit nearly 50 times in a 100 partnership, bringing the game to the fifth day.

When the bad light forced the early stumps on the fourth day, India reached 181 six, leading England by 154 points. Rishabh Pant (14 hits, 29 times) needed some support from the Indian long tail to add some valuable runs on the fifth morning.

emphasize – ENG vs IND, second test, fourth day

With some skills already on the court, England will have to hit the ball very well to ensure victory.

Both Pujara and Rahane, desperately looking for a run, showed the courage and determination that they are famous for returning to the run. They may not score hundreds of goals, but the number of goals they consume keeps the visiting team in the game.

Rahane got his life when he was thrown from Moeen Ali by Jonny Bairstow at the age of 31.

Both struggled early in their game, but got better and better as the game progressed. Pujara scored 35 goals, he hit his iconic cut on James Anderson, and Rahane was good at drawing shots from the Pacers and sweeping against Moeen.

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Their rapid succession of declines brought the game back to England’s advantage. Pujara got an unplayable ball from Mark Wood, which rose sharply from the back of the length, and Rahane pushed a ball back to Moeen’s goalkeeper.

After three rounds, Moeen made an excellent pitch, turning just enough to beat Ravindra Jadeja’s bat and hit the stump.

In the afternoon, Pujara and Rahane stubbornly resisted the England attack to defeat the entire second quarter. After losing three early wickets, two senior batsmen stabilized the number of games. Of the 28 pitches during the conference, only 49 scored, but most importantly, for India, they did not lose a wicket.

Rahane hit several boundaries, including Ollie Robinson’s pull, and when Pujara hit his 100th ball, there was a loud cheering from the crowd, and his name was only 12 times. The cheers became louder when he got his first border, and this was Mark Wood’s 118th delivery.

Just like his successful completion of Rohit Sharma in the first game, Wood tried to bounce Pujara away with a series of short balls, but Pujara was ready for the challenge.

In the morning game, India felt the heat on a sunny morning because Wood canceled a good opener and Corley was only behind 55 runs on the board.

India’s opener KL Rahul and Rohit Sharma made up for the long-term midfield failure of the series so far, but this time it cannot be played for too long.

Just like captain Joe Root did for the England team, Corley has the responsibility to score a goal to get his team back into the game, but he can’t do it. Kohli (20 points on 31 shots) had a promising start, and then stabbed Sam Curran’s pass at lunch, putting his team in a deeper dilemma.

Root introduced Wood early in the game, and the ball didn’t have much effect in the air. With the extra speed advantage, Wood hit the ball violently, causing trouble to the batter. He got rid of Centurion Rahul in the first game (30 shots with 5 losses), and his back shot was slightly straightened to occupy the outer edge, leaving the batter stuck in the crease.

Rohit (36 shots and 21 losses) once again showed an extraordinary touch before falling into the pull ball for the second time in the series. After Rawood hit 6 shots, Rohit hit the same ball again, but failed to control the shot and was caught in the deep backcourt.

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