England vs. India in 1971: 50 years of the historic oval test, day 3

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Solka (44) and Engineer (59) were excellent defenders. They made 97 glorious runs for the sixth wicket and helped India fall behind by only 125 points in the halftime against England at the end of the third quarter. After that, the score of 7 points was increased to 234 points in the third and final test of the Oval today.

India still needs 122 runs and only three wickets can overhaul England’s first game 355. In addition to the fighting efforts of Solkar and the engineers, two experienced Mumbai activists-Captain Wadekar (48) and Sardesai (54) at 93-ran the third wicket after Gavaskar and Mankad were out of the opener at a cheap price. Mouth, only 21 times on the board.

Although England captain Illingworth played a beautiful spin bowling, he still grabbed three valuable wickets
Scored 23 goals without conceding the ball and dropped India’s score of 5 goals in the games of Tea, Solka and Engi to 139
Without the courage and determination to hit the ball to help their team avoid following up and keep the score
Over 200 mark.

AV Mankad, India’s opening batsman dodges England’s John Snow to hit the ball, Sunil Gawaska in the first game against England at the London Oval, the first game against England in India During the game, non-forward players are watching the game. – Hindus

Although the consistent Solkar patiently resisted at one end, this hardworking engineer is just like his English
Opponent Knott got rid of the trouble, in the spinner and
Pacemaker.After he and Underwood failed to pull the Indian team apart, Illingworth scored a new goal with 197 points, but even then there was nothing terrible.

After that, the engineer trapped in 43 minutes and 20 minutes faced only 7 balls during this period.
And lifted his personal 50. The engineer’s half-century spent 106 minutes on the crease,
96 balls dropped.

D’OIiveira, no matter which way you can make the ball swing, when he
Solkar was caught 44 times in Fletcher’s second turnover, while India fell behind 6 times with 222.

The engineer who was working hard went out ten minutes before the end of the game. At that time, Snow used
Short delivery outside the stump. The batsman became a victim of this strategy and easily caught Illngworth when assisting.

At the stump. Abid Ali and Venkatraghavan hit the ball with 2 and 3 points respectively.

The game will continue on the rest day tomorrow
Monday. -AP

Reuters reports:

Sunil Gavaskar only scored 6 points, including 4 points. About three minutes after a black Labrador stumbled into the court imposingly, he apparently lost his attention and got out of the car. Up. The team members chased the dog, and finally Snow grabbed and held it until the officials pulled it off the ground. It seems that this incident has disturbed the attention of the Mumbai opener because he was out in the next ball.


England first game: 355

(J. Jameson 82, JH Edrich 41, A. PE Knott 90, R. Button 81, Solkar 3 28).

India-First game 234 result 7
SM Gavaskar b Snow 6, AV Mankad b Price 10, AL Wadekar c Button b Ulineworth 48,
DN Sardesai b Ulinxworth 54, G R. Viswanath b Illingworth 0, ED Solkar c Fletcher b D’Oliveira 44, F. St. Engineer c Illingworth b Snow 59, S. Abid Ali (not out) 2, S. Venkatragahavan (not out) Out) Out) 3

Additional 8
Total (7 small doors) 234
The wicket drops: 1-1, 2-21, 3-114, 4-118, 5-125, 6-222, 7-230.

This first appeared in Hinduism on August 22, 1971

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