England vs. India in 1971: 50 years of the historic oval test, day 4

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After the leg spinner BS Chandrasekhar’s 6 wickets beat England with 18.1 points in the second set with 18.1 points, India needed 97 points to win. The Indian captains Wadekar (45) and Sardesai (13) made 39 unfinished collaborations at the third wicket, which allowed India to beat England for the first time on the Oval today.

At the end of the exciting penultimate day of the third test, India only needed 97 runs
Holding eight wickets in hand, win a hard-won victory tomorrow. England’s 101 points is the lowest overall score for India since 1936. That year, it scored 134 points in Lorde.

It took 173 games to achieve a complete victory in more than a day. The Indian team started the second game in a shocking manner when the star opener Gawaska fell on Snow’s leg before the wicket. There was no score, and the total reading was two bleak points.

As Gawaska’s early dismissal portrayed India’s doom, tension and excitement increased, but Mangard and Wedeka stabilized the number of rounds and performed 35 valuable runs for the second wicket, and then Mangard He was caught by Hutton’s left hand while sliding under Underwood.

Both openers returned to the stadium with a meager 37 shots, Sardesai joined Wadekar, and the burden on his shoulders was on his shoulders. On the tight field, coupled with the accurate spin offense of Illingworth and Underwood, the two batsmen did not take any ball and saw their side 76-76 throughout the day.

Wadekar’s batting was excellent. After surviving the appeal rejected in Underwood’s short-leg game, in the 50th inning of the Indian game, he hit the same pitcher four times in a delicate time. It took 103 minutes for half a century.

Illiingworth’s gamble to ensure frequent reorganization of his bowlers to ensure that another wicket gamble proved to be a failure, because these two mixed cautious and aggressive men easily tackled all the bowlers.

Unless rain affects tomorrow’s game, India is likely to end the series. At a turning wicket, the spinner hits the ball accurately and fiercely to regularly return England batsmen to the court, who are cleverly supported on the court by some excellent defenders.

Jameson hit Venkatela Gawan’s four-pointer before being eliminated for the third time in a four-game test. Lakhurst made a full throw directly from Chandrasekha, Chandler Raseca transferred the ball to Jameson’s stump and stepped back from his ground.

Edrich failed to score and was hit by Chandrasekhar’s faster ball. The next time Fletcher was caught by the diving Sorka on his short square leg, England wobbly 24 to 3 at lunch.

With 24 points for lunch to recover three points, Lakhurst and De Oliveira could only add 25 points in the opener, and then Venkatraghavan cheated the latter with a curved ball. He was caught by Jayantilal for a long time and used 17 points. Replaced Sardesai.

In the second round of the Oval Test, England goalkeeper Alan Knott was caught by Solkar at the S. Venkatraghavan bowling ball (not shown in the picture) in India.Photo: Hindu Archives -Hindus

De Oliveira’s knock on the door includes two boundaries. The batsman, who looked like a cannon, created a small tremor when he survived two difficult opportunities. In one of them, Sardesai injured his finger while trying to catch the ball and had to return to the pavilion.

Knott, who has been scoring frantically this season, joined Lakhurst, but he couldn’t hold on for long.

Knott’s total score was 54 points. He was excellently caught by Sorca. He dived in full length with short legs. With only one Lakhurst, he scored a superb win on Venkatraghavan (Venkatraghavan) Receiving the ball, he seems to be the only batsman now confidently facing Indian bowling, and captain lllingworth is not very comfortable facing Chandrasekh next.

When Chandrasekka tricked the batsman with a half-volley and forced him to drive, lllingworth was the next person to leave. The batter spooned the ball back to Chandra Sekka, and the bowler gratefully accepted it. He only scored four points.

At this stage, Chandrasekhar’a’s analysis showed that 25 times out of 12 games were scored 3, and England scored 6 times in 65 times. After seven runs, Chandrasekhar fired Lakhurst and Peisman Snow in the opener and scored two valuable wickets in the same game. Lakhurst was the first to leave when he was brilliantly captured by Venkataraghavan at the age of 33.

Including two 4s, Snow was the 8th person caught and shot out by Chandrasekhar, with a total reading of only 72.

Now the penultimate pair Hutton and Underwood appeared on the scene, and the tension increased. Wadeka filled the batsman with a circle of outfielders to achieve a quick breakthrough without giving up any runs.

Wadeka introduced the left arm spinner Brady from one end for the first time in England’s second knock, and this move brought great rewards.

Brady forced Underwood to hit the ball forward, and Mancard, who was close to the bat, cleverly received the ball and knocked back the 12-point batter. Price, the last man was trapped by Chandrasecca lbw When the batsman scored a three-pointer, Edridge was caught by Chandler on the fourth day of the third and final cricket test between England and India Rasaka hits a goal.

England first game: 355
J. Jameson 82, J. H Edrich41, A. PE Knott 90, R. Button
81. Solka three-pointer 38).

India-First round: 284- SM Gavaskar b Snow 8, AV Mankad b Price 10, AL Wadekar e Button blllingworth 48; DN Sardesai b Illingworth; GR Viswanat Bringworth 0; ED Solkar c Fletcher b D’Oliveira 44; FM engineer c Ilingworth b Snow 59; S. Abid Ali b Dlingworth 26S. Venkatraghavan lbw
b Underwood 24; BS Bedi o D’Oliveira b Illingworth 2; BS Chandrasekhar not out 0
Additional 11
The wicket drops: 1-17. 2-21, 3-114, 4-118, 5-125, 6-222, 7-230, 8-278, 9-284.

Bowling england

Oh Meters Resistance Wide
Snow 24 5 68 2
Price 15 2 51 1
Hutton 12 2 30 0
De Oliveira 7 5 5 1
Illingworth 34.3 12 70 5
Underwood 25 6 49 1

England-Second round: 101- BW Luckhurst c Venkatraghavan b Chandrasekhar 33; J. Jameson (use up) 16; JH Edrich b Chandrasekhar 0; KWR Fletcher c Solkar b Chandrasekhar 0; D.’Oliveira c (sub.) b Venkatraghavan 17; APE Knott c Solkar b Venkatraghavan 1; R. Illingworth c and b Chandrasekhar 4; R. Hutton (not out) 13; JA Snow c and b Chandrasekhar 0; DL Underwood c Mangard b Bedy 11; J. Price Ibw b Chandrasekhar 3

Additional 5
The small door fell: 1-23, 2-24, 3-24, 4-49, 5-54; 6-65, 7-72. 8-72, 9-96.

Indian Bowling

Oh Meters Resistance Wide
Abid Ali 3 1 5 0
Solka 3 1 10 0
Venkatarahawan 20 4 44 2
Chandraseca 18.1 3 38 6
Bedi 1 0 1 1

India-Second round: 76/2- SM Gavaskar lbw b snow 0; AL Wadekar (not out) 45; DN Sardesai (not out) 13
Additional 7
Small door collapsed; 1-2

This first appeared in Hinduism on August 24, 1971

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