England’s failure at Lorde was the result of poor shots

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England does not Drop in the second test Because of Jasprit Bumrah’s unwise bodyguard barrage, Lord’s.

The hosts won a chance on the wagging Indian tail with their strange bowling tactics on the dramatic final day. But then the England team lost because its batsmen lacked the heart, will and skills to make two shots at the devil-free wicket.

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In fact, England’s surrender of 120 games in just 51.5 games reflects a disturbing lack of defensive skills, which is a direct consequence of the excessive use of cricket in the shorter format. The batsman can’t see their stump, hit the ball hard, the feet and hands no longer move rhythmically, the defense is flawed, and the body balance is a million miles away.

The lack of patience with spells is often shocking. A batting disaster is waiting to happen.

Bowling in India is good, but not devastating. Once England loses its only all-around hitter, Joe Root, there will be only one result.

Test competition expert Pujara

Looking at the massacre in the English camp, India must consider itself lucky because it still has Cheteshwar Pujara test match experts. His 206 goals 45 in the second game blocked the British speed attack that threatened to make a serious invasion. This is a very valuable test game.

The shots in the test are not always about power, and power has become a fashionable term for many people. A lot of it is about playing in this situation, absorbing stress, and dulling the bowling ball. Once it’s done, others can cash it out.

R. Ashwin and Hanuma Vihari scored 42.4 points on the last day of the Sydney Test in January 2021 to ensure a tie with the Indian team. -Getty Images

It is no coincidence that when India staged a famous prison escape in the Sydney Test last season, two batsmen, Hanuma Vihari and R. Ashwin, bravely scored 42.4 points to prevent the Australian team from winning. They contacted in Twenty20. There are very few opportunities to hit the ball for cricket.

Like Pujara, Vihari is a test match expert, and Ashwin has very little chance of hitting the ball in an IPL match.

After the failure of the ODI World Cup in 2015, England made a conscious effort to transform its white team-it also achieved amazing success-but apparently failed to train test experts.

England’s failure to strike at Lord’s is reminiscent of its collapse on the last day of the 2016 Chennai Test in several ways. England participated in Tea with a score of 167, but was eventually eliminated. To put it mildly, hitting the ball is reckless.

What England needs is courage, steel, and the famous bulldog spirit that seems to disappear with Ken Barrington and others.

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