Evand Holyfield vs. Vito Belfort: preview, battle prediction, draft pick, start time, odds, undercard

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Despite overriding ethical issues, 58-year-old Evand Holyfield will face 44-year-old former UFC champion Vito Belfort on Saturday in 2021.

After the Hall of Famer Oscar De La Hoya (Oscar De La Hoya) tested positive for COVID, the Triller Fight Club Card moved from Los Angeles to its new home in Hollywood, Florida only six days in advance after being notified. This card needs new headlines. Enter Holyfield (44-10-2, 29 KOs), the only four-time heavyweight champion in the boxing world. He ended his 27-year career in 2011.

In fact, the fact that the Florida Athletic Commission was so willing to approve the round after its California counterpart rejected it is still one of the more disturbing aspects of the fight card.

In any case, the attraction of this heavyweight will go down in history as a professional game-unlike Mike Tyson in his 2020 performance against Roy Jones Jr.-despite Belfort (26-14, 1 NC mixed martial arts) Will only participate in boxing competitions for the second time to become a professional player (and the first time since 2006). The battle is set for eight rounds, each with two minutes, instead of the traditional three rounds.

For Holyfield, after he started training for his comeback nearly two years ago, the decision to accept the fight at such a late notice proved to be an economic decision. “The real deal” said that he signed with Treler, believing that he was fighting Tyson in a trilogy, only to see that his former enemy was cut off from the promotion, which triggered Treler’s lawsuit.

In the aftermath of Tyson’s fiasco, Holyfield stayed at the camp and was expected to make his tremolo debut in the game against the former Tyson Conqueror and skilled heavyweight Kevin McBride, but that game was postponed many times. . Last week, Holyfield filed an arbitration request with Triller for $5 million, and then only accepted the Belfort game a few days later.

Holyfield said at a press conference on Thursday: “I got involved because I was preparing to fight Mike Tyson. That’s what I wanted.” “For two years, the battle continued. Then I got stuck. Another fight that didn’t happen. Then they asked me and I said, “If [Belfort] If you are willing to fight, I will fight.

“I want to get paid for my time. I put in time. The only thing that can be wasted in life is time. I have been training for two years. I am ready and I look forward to fighting.”

Concerns about the dangers of Holyfield’s possible entry against Belfort, a knock-out artist with both hands in power and a history of drug abuse with improved performance, until Wednesday, when Holyfield hit the glove during media training Shows slower and more deliberate versions of many once great heavyweights.

Holyfield dispelled this worry the next day, but not only did he refer to his physical condition, but he also took advantage of the technical advantages he hoped to have. Belfort is a former UFC light heavyweight champion, weighing 205 pounds. He has played three heavyweight matches at the elite level of MMA. Now he faces more opponents at Holyfield than his original opponent against the 47-year-old De La Hoya. Much larger, when they initially agreed on a weight of 185 pounds.

Holyfield said: “At this stage, it is difficult to send me out of the box.” “I don’t like MMA. If I go there, [Belfort} would probably hurt me. But not in boxing. I’m only doing things to my advantage. That’s the reason I can do this in this short period of time. I may be 58 years old but I am in shape and I do well for my age. 

“There is an art to this. I know how to box and that’s the reason I was able to do real well with all the big guys. They were bigger than me and may be able to hit harder than me but they can’t outbox me.” 

Belfort last fought in MMA in 2018 at the conclusion of his final UFC deal. He signed with the MMA promotion ONE Championship in Asia the following year but cut ties with the company before making his debut.  

The native of Brazil first caught the boxing bug after watching Holyfield’s upset of Tyson in 1996. “The Phenom” said he was offered a chance to turn pro in boxing shortly after but instead chose the path of MMA . He turned pro later that year at age 19 and drew comparisons to Tyson after starting his UFC career with a trio of first-round knockouts at heavyweight.  

“This was an upgrade from business class to first class fighting a gold medalist and heavyweight champion [like Holyfield],” Belfort said. “He is a heavyweight king and a’real deal’. I am very happy to show my boxing skills. This is an amazing change and a great opportunity.

“When you enter a legendary battle that has never been seen in history, I see everything in my life, and every problem is an opportunity. If you look at it this way, you will become more optimistic and happy. The size that fits me It’s speed, strength, and agility. I’m not intimidated by size, many fighters do. I kind of like it.”

Battle card

  • Evand Holyfield vs. Vito Belfort
  • Tito Ortiz vs. Anderson Silva
  • David Haye vs. Joe Fournier
  • Andy Vance vs. Jonore Carroll

View information

  • date: September 11 | Starting time: 7pm Eastern Time (Main Card)
  • Place: Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino-Hollywood, Florida
  • television: Vibrato Fight Club PPV | Price: 49.99 USD


Although Holyfield was the most popular at the start, the video of how slow his hands were during public training quickly reversed the possibility of Belfort’s advantage. A glimpse of Belfort, shirtless, at the same event had a similar effect.

From an empirical and technical point of view, the advantage is almost entirely beneficial to Holyfield, and he has maintained an incredible physical condition throughout his 10-year retirement.

But his father’s time is still undefeated. Holyfield is fighting people who are not far from the highest level of Belfort’s elite fighting sport. His mixed martial arts style seems very suitable for boxing because it relies on strong boxing. In this case, considering the age of Holyfield and the huge losses he has accumulated in such a legendary career, it seems reasonable to worry about whether Holyfield will be injured in this battle.

Just as MMA legend Chuck Liddell returned from eight years of retirement in 2018 and found a difficult path when he lost to rival Tito Ortiz in the first knockout round At that time, the reaction ability and resistance ability of a once great boxer disappeared-no matter the body shape they tried to restore on their own-they were gone forever.

Pick: Bell Tower by TKO6

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