Evand Holyfield vs. Vito Belfort: The storyline of the latest boxing event

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Let’s face it, we are in an era of cross/celebrity boxing full of curiosity and bizarre pairings. The pay-per-view show from Triller Fight Club in Hollywood, Florida on Saturday was very strange.

No, there won’t be any YouTube stars in this main event, but this card is led by the faded MMA star Vitor Belfort and the former four heavyweight boxing champion Evander Holyfield. They come from the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and offer a veritable buffet question. , Worries and doubts, and promises of violence.

With the card in the draw this weekend, let’s take a look at the biggest storyline.

1. Oscar De La Hoya is the real draw for this card: This is not the legendary fighting career that was surrendered to Hoyafield (Hoyafield) (the later replacement who succeeded De La Hoya or Belfort after being hospitalized with COVID 19 last week), but this 47 The year-old “golden boy” is so attractive) In his heyday, seeing him conspiracy to wear gloves after retiring in his own way about 13 years ago was a real attraction. Since the 2008 match with Manny Pacquiao (Manny Pacquiao), De La Hoya’s personal life has been in a turbulent roller coaster, he hopes to use boxing to curb his personal addiction demon.

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Now, his withdrawal is a major blow to all these conspiracies, mainly because he has never made a comeback before. Even the joint main event on Saturday, pairing the retired MMA legend with the household names Anderson Silva and Tito Ortiz, features fighters who have remained decent and active in some form over the past few years. De La Hoya is also preparing to compete in the contract heavyweight (185 pounds), which is 25 pounds higher than his highest level in the boxing ring-which increases the risk of the match.

2. The circumstances surrounding the return of Evand Holyfield are disturbing at best: Let’s not fight any punches here: Holyfield should not be in the ring this weekend. In fact, there is a strong argument that no 58-year-old person should hit the head with a fist, let alone someone like Holyfield who has hit 57 times in his 27-year career. 16 years have passed since Holyfield was banned indefinitely by New York State, and New York State refused to allow him to participate in the game.

The fact that this Hall of Fame member was still active as a professional player for 6 years before retiring at the age of 48 in 2011 is bad enough. But let Holyfield return to the ring against a strong man like the 44-year-old Belfort. Belfort is an MMA striker. He is known for his skilled hands. He was active in the UFC three years ago and improved his results. The history of drug problems is simply a crime.

What are the benefits of Holyfield using this stunt at his age? No. It’s terrible. Triller had arranged for him to come back with 48-year-old Kevin McBride. Kevin McBride is a heavyweight skilled worker. He was never so good at first, just because he retired in 2005. Famous for the lifeless Mike Tyson. Belfort offered a different level of danger in a game. To make matters worse, Triler knew that the California State Athletic Commission would reject Holyfield’s license at his age and immediately moved the entire card to Florida. , Because Florida’s governing body is notoriously lax. Everything about this is disgusting.

3. Sadly, Holyfield’s story will only get worse: As if this is even possible, it is hard to ignore this: Holyfield only joined the card a few days after he filed an arbitration request for $5 million in unpaid wages with Triller. According to reports, Holyfield was originally signed in a trilogy match with Tyson. Tyson made a successful comeback against Roy Jones Jr. at the end of 2020 and made big business on PPV.

Tyson subsequently announced that he would never cooperate with Treller again, leading to a promotion to sue him and claim that Tyson had signed another contract with Tyson. Holyfield switched from Tyson to McBride, but after several delays, the battle never ended. Although Holyfield does have a reputation as a powerful alternative to De La Hoya, the surrounding legal consequences seem to have caused Triller to provide him with the Battle of Belfort just to avoid potential litigation. Once again, it will have a dirty feeling, making it difficult to look in the other direction.

4. It’s no surprise that Hall of Fame anchor Jim Rampley returns to the boxing world: Rampley is an HBO legend and he effectively saw his unparalleled career as the sound of boxing ended abruptly in 2018, when the network ended its 40-year history of broadcasting battles. The 72-year-old still signs a contract with HBO. After obtaining HBO’s permission, he signed with Triller in June and announced a surprising news that the latter will force the undefeated Teofimo Lopez Jr. Sexual opponent George Kambosos Jr. played a lightweight game.

After Lopez tested positive for the new crown virus, the match was finally postponed, which means that Rampley, as any straightforward and professional player in boxing history, will be a star full of aging mixed martial arts. The long-awaited comeback on the cards with musical performances. This should be interesting.

5. Anderson Silva has a chance to get a future payday: At the age of 46, Silva made a smooth transition from a legendary UFC career to an unexpected return to boxing. The last time he participated in a boxing match was in 2005, when he defeated Julio Cesar Jr. in Mexico due to a disagreement. Chavez (Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.). Considering that Chavez, who was only 35 years old, was a boxing world champion before his career was completely debauched, this victory is considered a major victory in the MMA world. After ending his UFC career, Silva won only one of his last nine games, which also gave Silva’s brand a new lease of life.

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Considering the celebrity boxing bubble created by Tyson’s return, and the transition of YouTube brothers Jack and Logan Paul to the sport, Silva suddenly became a great player. He became a favorite in a match against 46-year-old wrestler Ortiz, who was never known for his hands in his mixed martial arts heyday. This battle may also give Silva a chance to fight one of the Paul brothers in the future, who has proven to be a huge promoter in the field.

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