Former South Macau’s Mark Boucher apologized for offensive songs during the game

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Former South African goalkeeper and current head coach Mark Boucher apologized for singing offensive songs and using the nicknames of teammates of color during the game. According to ESPNcricinfo, after he was accused of racism by some teammates including Paul Adams, Boucher submitted a 14-page affidavit to the South African Cricket Association’s Social Justice and National Construction (SJN) Committee.

When Adams testified to SJN, he claimed that Boucher was one of his teammates who racially slandered him in the song. Boucher said he didn’t give Adams any nickname.

In response to the allegations, Boucher said he and his teammates should be more sensitive.

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Boucher wrote in his affidavit: “I unreservedly apologize for any offensive behavior attributed to me, whether real or perceived.”

“We, the team, coaching staff, selectors and CSA, during the relevant period, should be more sensitive and create an environment where all members of the team can raise and talk about these issues without making them worse, because they know that there is “… With the benefit of hindsight and maturity, I am grateful to some of my teammates that I might have said or done when I was young. For this, I sincerely and unreservedly apologize.” He also said that he “I deeply regret and apologize for singing offensive songs or using offensive nicknames with my teammates.”

Boucher conducted 147 tests and 295 ODIs for South Africa.

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