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Today we are in Cincinnati, Ohio, to visit with Erin Houlihan.

This garden has been developed in a very small urban area for more than 34 years. It evolved from the challenge and is very unique. I have no grass and take care of it organically.

The backyard is challenged by the large needle oak trees behind, providing more shade every year, silver maple (Acer saccharin, Area 3-9) is a volunteer in my childhood home. The maple tree is now 32 years old, and its shallow roots make it very unfavorable for most plants.

The front yard and side yard have lawns, mainly weeds. The new stone trail has now replaced it.Big side yard White pine Dropped, they were deleted last year. I started a meadow there this year because the sun behind me is almost running out.I invested a lot Locals And some anchors in the back that need sunlight. I will continue to work on the grass.

Over the years, I have lost many plants due to drainage, nature and general learning experience.

Stepping stone path through the gardenA stone path winds through the garden, taking you to continue exploring.

Shady garden with various flowering plantsAs Needle Oak (Quercus swamp, Areas 4-9) grow, they make this garden more and more shady.Learn to change planting methods to adapt to the environment Light level This is something most gardeners have to deal with in mature gardens.

Garden path leading to the shady gardenAnother stone road through a little bit shadowIt offers a view of the sunny part of the front garden.

Blooming lilac plantA beautiful lilac (looks like Lilac hairy ‘Miss Kim’, Zones 4–8, or similar cultivars) became a dramatic feature as standard training.

Front yard without lawnNo one will miss the overgrown front line grassland If this is it has been replaced!

Stone garden path in the front yardGround cover image Crawling Jenny (Lychees numbness ‘Aurea’, area 3-9) will fill the space around the paving stones Front garden.

Side yard with new plantsA statue full of orange pansies (Viola X Vitrogiana, Annual) added popular colors.

Garden path leading to a small pondI like garden paths like this, with a half-covered view, which hints at what you will find.

Garden pond covered with plantsContinue along that road and you will find water lilies in full bloom in the pond (Water lily sp.) and high lotus (Lotus seeds New Sifra, Area 4–9) leaves.

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