Help may eventually embark on the path to combat SIM swap attacks

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Connection report It was discovered that Google’s geolocation data had been used in 45 surveys and counts of congressional rioters.This includes using Two geofencing warrants That Enable the FBI to identify the suspect Inside the building in a narrow time window on January 6.This is an extraordinary use of geofencing in extraordinary times; experts admit that this may be reasonable, but they are worried about landslides, especially when The use of geofencing warrants surges Last few years.

In other Google News, Android has encountered another wave of fraudulent applications. In an election campaign that dates back to at least November, Hundreds of malicious apps sneaked into Google Play It has been collectively downloaded to more than 10 million devices. Bad applications use various circumvention methods to avoid detection and try to trick users into registering for regular fees. Researchers don’t know how much money they made, but considering the number of victims, it may reach hundreds of millions of dollars.

Internet Infrastructure Company Cloudflare is entering the field of email security, With two new free tools designed to protect corporate customers from phishing and other e-mail issues.this The Senate yells at Facebook again, This time it’s about the mental health of teenagers.Now you can No password on your Microsoft account, US A quick guide on how to enable it.

dune Suitable for multiple interpretations, But it may be most striking as A template for future global conflicts, From Afghanistan to cyber warfare.We studied why James Bond in real life may not use the iPhone(Or the Nokia he relied on in the movie, for that matter.)

there are more! Every week we collect all the safety news that WIRED has not covered in depth. Click on the title to read the full story and stay safe there.

SIM swap attack, Some of whom ported your phone number to their device in order to pass two-factor authentication on your most sensitive account, which has been a scourge for years.They caused cryptocurrency to be stolen, bank accounts were taken away, and Social media account takeover. Although there is no easy way to stop them, there are definitely Ways the U.S. hasn’t yet triedThis is why the FCC has finally begun to pay attention to their exciting reasons; this week, the agency said that it plans to push operators to implement more secure identity verification before transferring numbers to new devices.It won’t solve the problem completely—especially because the employees of the telephone company sometimes Actively enable Attack-but this is a long overdue start.

Russia continues Suppress all aspects of domestic technology, A disturbing turn has taken place this week. According to reports, the country’s law enforcement agencies arrested Ilya Sachkov, the founder and CEO of St. Petersburg-based cyber security company Group-IB. He was accused of cooperating with “foreign intelligence agencies” to undermine Russia’s national interests; the company stated that he was innocent in all the allegations. If found guilty, Sachkov will face up to 20 years in prison.

This week, security researchers demonstrated a flaw in Visa’s implementation of Apple Pay’s “Express Transit” feature, which allows them to make unauthorized contactless payments from a locked iPhone. First, they used cheap radio equipment to simulate the ticket gate of the transportation system, making the iPhone think it was connecting to a legitimate system. They then used a so-called relay attack to direct payment information from the iPhone to a reader they controlled, allowing them to make large transactions without any biometric confirmation. This is a problem that mainly applies to stolen iPhones. Apple said in a statement to the BBC that, given the relative complexity of the attack, Visa seems unlikely to fix it.

We wrote a lot about Ransomware Around here, and its various harmful effects on society.But as Attack continues to escalate-be opposed to Especially the hospital——You should take some time to read this article Wall Street Journal Report true labor costs. This is a devastating but essential reading.

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