Hisense U8G Review (2021): The most affordable Android TV

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There are quick buttons on the remote control that can take you to Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, YouTube, Tubi TV and Peacock. The remote control also has backlight and Bluetooth connectivity. You must pair it with the TV during the initial setup.

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The $1,000 price of the 55-inch model means that the U8G looks and feels more like a premium choice than our favorite affordable TCL and Vizios.On the contrary, its direct competitors are like Samsung QN90A.

In this league, it performed quite well. Stable local dimming contributes to the black level, and the support of HDR10+ and Dolby Vision supports fairly bright highlights in HDR.

AMD Freesync makes it an excellent TV that can be used with my computer’s Radeon graphics card during playback Formula One 2021. The high refresh rate really makes racing games look great.It works almost as well as computer monitors and TVs, which is a trend I’m very happy to see From high-end TV This year.

I did not use the TV in a particularly bright room (my review room has no windows), but those with brighter spaces may like that it has a new anti-reflective film that limits glare. One thing I noticed and liked is the filmmaker mode, which removes post-processing, but maintains the colors and frame rate while watching the movie.It’s especially good when watching old movies, such as Cool Hand Luke, Ready to use out of the box, color grading to perfection.

There is also a game mode, which supports the highest frame rates of PlayStation and Xbox consoles, and a sports mode, which can smooth motion when watching fast-paced events-very suitable for the Olympics and watching my beloved Portland Timbers .

Like most modern TVs, You want a soundbar. U8G itself sounds terrible.If you spend $1,000 on TV, get Something nice Listen together.

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In terms of interfaces, it overwhelmed the competition from LG and Samsung. Android TV has made great strides Because it has bad applications and feels very bulky. Today, it is almost as good as Roku and has a better voice assistant.

There are no ads on this interface, and it pulls programs from all paid services that Covid bores me to subscribe to. The home screen is used in a way that most other interfaces do not have. Because of all the service buttons that people actually use (except Tubi and Peacock), even switching between inputs feels easier.

When you combine this ease of use with an excellent screen, excellent processing power, and a 120Hz refresh rate for 4K gaming, it is difficult to find anything that doesn’t like U8G except for the price.

You can buy cheaper TCL or Vizio models, they look almost the same, almost everything is done well, but this model does look and feel better than those. It has a reliable price/performance ratio, especially when compared with the expensive models from Sony and Samsung.

If you want a TV suitable for playing games, sports, and watching movies at home, and you like Google’s unwalled garden, U8G is well worth a visit.

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