How To Calibrate Wacom Tablet?

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Wacom is a well-known brand in the electronic industry. When you buy the Wacom tablet, you need to calibrate it with a Cintiq profile and pen. This is essential so that your devices work smoothly. Wacom tablet is best choice for video recording using tablets, conference calls, drawing animations etc.

Before you start using the Wacom tablet, you need to calibrate the screen mapping and color profile. If you are a beginner and want to know how to calibrate the Wacom tablet, then we have a complete step-by-step guide for the calibration of this tab. The method is quite simple, and you just need few minutes to complete the procedure.

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Why do you need calibration?

To calibrate the Wacom tablet is an essential process. You need calibration because Cintiq’s touch screen gives input-related issues in the distortion of light and viewing angle. There is present the drivers that will help in doing settings for screen mapping and color adjustments. You will get tools with software that does calibration of colors automatically.

Let’s learn about the calibration of the Wacom tablet in the following step-by-step guide.

  1.     Screen mapping calibration

Step 1

To do screen mapping, you have to visit the Wacom site to download the latest drivers for the tablet. You can get drivers from the official site of Wacom. After installing the drivers, open the properties in the Wacom Tablet window.

Open the “Properties” on the control panel by selecting the small icons from the “ View By” menu.

Step 2

After opening the properties menu, select the “Tablet”. Choose the model you are using and then select the “Grip Pen” from the Tool menu. If you are using some older version or Intuos, you may not get these options. In such cases select

“All” from “Application” is present in the menu.

Step 3

Now in the Application section, tap on the “ Mapping,” then choose “Pen” from the “Mode,” and then switch on or enable “ force Proportions.” This will map your tablet’s active area with your monitor. This will enable to the transformation of the lines and shapes so that every line will appear consistent regardless of any dimensions of the monitor.

Step 4


For Cintiq tablets, you have to calibrate the tab from the Grip pen menu. This is available for this tab because it requires special calibration. You have to choose the display from the “Monitor” menu, especially when you are working with multiple monitors.

Step 5

To do the calibration. You have to click on calibrate and hold your pen and tablet in a natural position. Your tablet display will crosshairs on display. To calibrate it effectively, you must touch the center of crosshairs using your grip pen. When you touch each pair of crosshairs, you have to tap on “Ok.” In this way, you will confirm calibration.

  1.     Creation Of Cintiq Color Profile

Step 1

For this, you have to install the drivers having a color calibration tool. Then connect your tool with the USB port on the computer. The calibration method varies accruing to the type of tools, but the pattern of placing the tool on the monitor remains the same.

Step 2

Now launch the calibration software and get the guideline son screen. When you read it, place the tool on the monitor aligning with the guide you get through the software. The color calibration tools include the counterweight for the tool balancing on the screen. You need to lay the Cintiq flat but don’t hang the calibration tool from the top side of the tablet.

Step 3

At this point, you will get the calibrate option. This process takes about five minutes. Now after calibrating the color, you have to enter a name for the color profile. Click save to store the profile in the color system folder inside the windows directory. This is present in C drive.

After doing calibration of grip pen and color tool, test the calibration and see the alignment. If you find no difference, then it means you have calibrated your Wacom tablet successfully.

Mistakes to avoid while calibrating the Wacom tablet

Sometimes people find difficulty while calibrating the stylus. It is because they make certain mistakes. Hold the pen in the proper position and tap correctly on the crosshairs. Otherwise, the calibration will not be properly. Make sure you choose the correct monitor. Sometimes tapping on the wrong monitor name or tapping the wrong tab model can also cause a problem.

How to hold a pen to know the right calibration?

You need a stylus for the Wacom tablet for multiple purposes. Each one needs a particular holding style. Let’s look at what type of position you need to calibrate

  •         Drawing

To do a drawing, you have to press the pen when you keep it directly on the surface of the tablet. When you press it harder, it will create a thick line or denser color. So hold it softly if you want the lighter tone lines.

  •         For browsing and opening apps

For opening apps or doing net surfing, you don’t need to touch the pen. Rather keep it slightly above the surface to move it smoothly. When you need to select the item, you just have to tap it once by touching the pen’s tip.

For double-clicking, tap the screen twice as you do with your mouse. The double-clicking position and place must be the same to ensure the successful action.


These are the few simple and easy steps to calibrate the Wacom tablet. Once you calibrate, you can use your tools efficiently and do your work smoothly. Now you have to learn how to calibrate the Wacom tablet. Do calibration and use the stylus without any hassle or without getting any error.

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