How to invent money-making successful app ideas for startups?

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Some businesses make money without the involvement of mobile apps. And a few mobile apps that are not meant to make money. As of now, we will eliminate the app ideas that are meant to make money and have a clear picture of how to get ideas of making money with mobile apps in this blog.


Step-by-step instructions to get money-making mobile app ideas for startups


Step 1 – Discover a problem and get a solution with an app

The basic thing you have to do is discover an issue and sort it out with a mobile app. It is quite easy to develop an app with a solution for a particular problem. But what makes your app successful is that the apps that are helpful for the people.

While discovering an issue, try to relate with your life as you have experienced it. This helps to come up with a great app business idea. For instance, Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp had faced trouble in hailing a taxi in Paris. Then, they come up with the idea of developing the Uber app, which is a taxi booking app that has revolutionized the ride-hailing industry globally. It is simple to book a taxi with just a few taps on the app.

Finding problems that you have experienced will give a head start to have a solution for it with a mobile app. In addition to this, there can be multiple solutions for a single problem. Like, there are many taxi apps in the market that came as a solution for a single platform. It is up to you to come with an effective and efficient way to resolve the issue and reach a wider user base.


Step 2 – Check apps in the App store

Secondly, get to know what problems other apps have solved. Navigate to the Top Grossing apps section to find which app types are capable of generating money.

You can even try to search with keywords based on your category interest. Take an example, search diet, marketing, traveling, fitness, and so on. After searching, check out what kind of solutions they have presented.

Apart from this, navigate to the featured apps section and have a look at various categories of mobile apps.


Step 3 – Find app ideas on Kickstarter

Kickstarter is a place where newbie entrepreneurs come together to come up with new business ideas by exploring creative projects. Also, you can search app ideas on AngelList or check out the app list in Product Hunt’s postings. Let’s have a look at the following study material.

Begin with startup pitch meetups and end up with sharing a space with like-minded business people. Visit for searching startup events. Try to attend such kinds of startup events. In this way, you get to know other people’s app ideas and end up getting your own idea. If not, you will still be energized to come up with one later.

Visit Kickstarter again and know which app idea is getting funds in recent times. Meanwhile, check out other startup investors’ websites and blogs to know what kind of app ideas they are funding.

Analyzing the market is an essential step as this has a great impact on your app’s success. For example, when Brian Wong was traveling abroad, he observed that most passengers played games on their smartphones. There, he noticed that ads have less value to the users. Then, he came up with the idea that allows the users to earn real-life rewards for engagement, and this app was none other than Kiip.

Upon analyzing the recent market trends, it would be better to launch your app in a beta phase and ensure that your target users need it.


Step 4 – Validate your app idea

Never skip this step as it is a vital step. This ensures that your money and time invested in making your idea into reality is well-invested.


Examine the existing apps

Search apps that currently solve the issue for which you are developing an app. Enter those existing apps in the ASO tool, know their ranking position, and in which section it has been featured on the App Store. If you find that these apps have a good number of downloads, your app idea is worthwhile and you can expect to make money out of it. You can even use the CrunchBase tool instead of ASO.


Look over the search volume for keywords

Next, have a set of keywords that describes your app idea and find its search volume using the AppAnnie tool or Google Keyword Planner tool.


Ask your target users

Now, it is the perfect time to ask your target users about what they think about your app idea. Reach out to them using popular channels such as Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook.


Step 5 – Implement your app idea into reality

It is the final stage in which you have to choose the app development methods and promote your app to your target users.

There are two formats in which an app is being developed. One is native apps, and the other is mobile web apps.

Native apps are built especially for one platform, i.e., either iOS or Android. Like Windows software does not run on Mac, and an Android app does not run on iOS and vice versa. Therefore, if your target users are using both platforms, you have to develop separate apps for each platform.

Mobile web applications are platform-independent in which these apps can be accessed through the device’s browser. There is no necessity to install the app.

Native apps are far better than mobile web apps as there are several benefits. That is, you can retain your customers by sending push-notifications and check your app’s performance by collecting the customers’ feedback. Moreover, monetization with native apps is simple by implementing strategies such as advertisements, membership fees, in-app purchases, and much more.



Set an app goal, i.e., you need some number of app downloads in the first month.

Now, plan your budget for investing in the app development process. Each app developer charges a different fee.

You have to decide in which channels you are going to advertise your app. Make sure to choose the popular channels with more active users so that your app reaches a broader audience.

Finally, execute your marketing strategies by posting on social networking sites like Facebook or Instagram. You can even go for influencer marketing.

Top 3 popular money-making app ideas


  1. Food app idea

Food delivery, food recommendation, and restaurant reservation app could be a perfect idea for restaurants. During the Covid-19 pandemic, people are booking a table beforehand to avoid the crowd and safely enjoy their food. Also, most people prefer to have their food to be delivered to their home (contactless delivery). Considering these in mind, top players like Zomato and Swiggy have incorporated Covid-19 safety features in their app. Yes, this is a perfect time to start developing food delivery apps.


  1. Healthcare app idea

People are more conscious about their health issues as they can prefer health check-up apps. The on-demand healthcare app allows users to book a doctor’s appointment virtually. They can even schedule the booking at their convenience. Besides this, you can use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning in your healthcare and telemedicine app.

  1. On-demand app idea

The concept of an on-demand app is delivering products (groceries, flowers, and other essentials) and offering services (laundry, beauty, and other home services). Apps with the on-demand business model play a vital role these days. Taking this as an advantage, Uber revolutionized this industry with its services. Inspiring this business model, many super apps come into play. Some popular on-demand apps are BloomThat, Drizly, My Medicash App, and UrbanClap. You can get into the on-demand market instantly with the Uber Clone app as it is a ready-made taxi app solution.


Final say

In this digital age, developing an app is one of the finest ways to enter the startup world and make money. Do not miss out on these aspects to have a new mobile app idea. The foremost thing is that exhibiting an idea is as essential as coming with an innovative idea. Make sure to figure out whether your app is worth investing in before you proceed with app development.

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