Hundreds of people will become bigger and better, feel Warne and Pietersen

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In the next few years, the Centurion will “become bigger and better” and feel the first successful match between the spinning legend Sean Vaughan and former England star Kevin Peterson in a 100-goal match.

The first innovation event ended on Saturday before Lord’s was full, exciting the Cricket Brotherhood.

“I think it exceeded expectations,” said Vaughan, head coach of the London Spirit. Sky Sports.

“The cricket that has been shown, the skills demonstrated by different teams in different periods, are all very good.” Oval Invincibles won the women’s championship, and Southern Brave won the men’s competition.

“On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday nights, in Birmingham, Manchester and London, you can see houses full of people wherever you go-it is already packed with people, people really like it, I think it’s great It will only get bigger and bigger, getting better every year.


Oval Invincibles won the Women’s Top 100 Championship

Vaughan added: “I think it’s sensational to see how it really appeals to people’s imagination.”

The competition was held during the COVID-19 pandemic, which delayed the start of the competition by one year.

The participating teams play one round, each round consists of 100 balls, and the game lasts about two and a half hours. It has been conceptualized to attract younger cricket spectators.

Peterson, the former England captain, was not surprised by the response of the first tournament.

“It’s so cool to see franchise cricket in the UK,” he said.

“One thing we know is that the British public is very supportive of sports.

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“No matter what it is, where it is; the Tour de France started in this country a few years ago, and the streets are crowded to watch them race.

“So you know that big sports, summer sports like cricket will be supported,” Peterson said.

The star England batsman of his time also played some chartered cricket, he added: “Seeing these scenes, seeing cricket here, seeing it received such a warm celebration and support-love it.

“My boy, this is the audience you want. You want the kids to come in. He is absolutely buzzing! He put on the brave southern jumper and is running around here.

“The audience was there, the players (players) performed well and gave up their time.”

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