Ian Bishop said that the T20 league benefits from West Indian talent and vice versa

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West Indies, two-time Twenty20 world champion, Beat Australia by 16 points On Saturday at the Fifth 2020 International Tournament (T20I) held at the Sami Stadium in Santa Lucia, he won the series 4-1. In the White Ball Series, Chris Gale became the first player to get 14,000 T20 runs, and Hayden Walsh Jr. ended the unforgettable game with 12 wickets at an economic speed of 7.00. As the West Indies warned their opponents before the T20 World Cup in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) this year, its bowler quickly opened the wicket and the batter performed a powerful performance.

Former West Indies fast bowler Ian Bishop commented on the T20Is in Saint Lucia, talking about the team’s chances in the World Cup and the impact of the T20 league on Caribbean cricket, and vice versa.

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Q: This is a strong West India T20 team, and many players are in the twilight years of their careers. Compared with the bilateral series, does this make them a more dangerous team in the tournament?

A: I am not sure that the West Indies will become stronger or more dangerous due to the format of the game. They are already a very experienced team. What follows is the calmness and game conditions that young teams may lack. But it may also mean other things, such as they must really manage health and agility.

The West Indies are the first country to win the World T20 Championship twice. Would you call them the best team in T20I history?

When you have to completely compare international cricket and chartered cricket, it is difficult to determine who is the best team. Some of the same West Indies players have also helped some top teams succeed. So, to me, these comparisons are an abomination. The West Indies have won the ICC T20 World Cup twice. No other team has done this yet, so before other teams achieve greater success, their status in history is indisputable.

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Do you feel that bowlers in the Caribbean are overshadowed by the belligerence of their batting colleagues in T20? Are there any bowlers you are looking forward to seeing on World T20?

Batsmen usually get more applause in T20. The Caribbean is no exception. But players like Dwayne Bravo, Sunil Narine, Samuel Badree have ensured that the bowlers receive some attention. The bowling team, like the batsman, is an indispensable part of the two World Cup victories, and more. Obed McCoy is a young seaman, if he can participate in the World Cup, he will be very interesting.

Keelon Pollard and Gail. How important will these two men arrive in the West Indies in October?

Before we start discussing Pollard and Gail at the World Cup, we need to wait to see how the choices proceed. This is even more true for Gail. So I would rather not jump the gun. But Gail added a lot of experience around the team. If he can find good enough form to be selected, he will become an asset of the team.

Considering the number of West Indians participating in the Indian Premier League (IPL), would you say that this year’s T20 World Cup in the UAE is no longer held under foreign conditions?

Of course, the situation in the UAE will be familiar to some players, whether because of the recent IPL or T10 tournaments held there. But it still needs to adapt. In addition, there will be one or two other venues that are novel to most players.

Ian Bishop said that the experience in the T20 league is almost the T20 completion of the West Indies cricketers’ school. -Getty Images

To what extent can the success of the West Indies T20 be attributed to many cricketers playing for different domestic teams around the world?

Playing in other leagues around the world has greatly benefited West Indies players. This allowed them to gain valuable experience playing against different players, venues and crowds. These experiences in these leagues have almost become T20 intensive schools, and have honed these outstanding talents. However, it must be remembered that these leagues benefit from these outstanding West Indian talents honed in the Caribbean. Exchange terms.

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County cricket benefited the West India Test team in the 1970s and 1980s, and now the T20 league has helped it succeed. Are there similarities between the two?

In a sense, this experience is parallel to the time when many West Indians went to England to participate in the county tour. This helps to fine-tune and train many West Indian cricket players. These counties also benefited from these participants. Now, in countless T20 leagues, the situation may be the same for the West Indians.

Do you think the T20 format will help cricket become more attractive to young players in the Caribbean?

I believe that the global T20 cricket has been able to attract new or different audiences. The game’s economic returns and concise time undoubtedly make it more suitable for young fans. Many children now like the various shots and movements of fast-paced cricket. This is a game that suits the era in which we live, and maybe its version will become more mainstream in the next few years.

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