In memory of Steve Jobs, 10 years after his death

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A prudent thing To do is to write Steve Jobs obituary Before he died. We all know that he doesn’t have much time. For nearly a year, even though Apple insisted on its co-founder and CEO’s success story—hoping on hope—the body of the world’s most iconic executive told a different story. story. This is saying goodbye, and so is he. My own farewell party was held earlier this year, when he was in the office on the fourth floor of One Infinite Loop, Apple’s headquarters. Reporter John Markoff and I arranged a meeting without specifying an agenda, but the three of us knew that the meeting was about to end. It was noon on a weekday, and there were thousands of people on campus, but none of the calls or visitors interrupted our 90-minute conversation. It was as if he was already a ghost.

Despite the evidence, I still couldn’t let myself write down the obituary in advance. Call it denial. So when I received a call from Jobs to leave in the late afternoon of October 5, 2011, I was stunned. And I have nothing. For the next four hours, I banged on the computer that Steve Jobs brought into this world-Mac, what else? ——Do my best to tell the story of his life and legacy, do my best, do my best.

In the last paragraph of the obituary that I didn’t want to write, I said: “The entire legacy of Steve Jobs will not be sorted out for a long time.” I think we are still sorting it out. There will never be a leader, innovator or personality like him. And we still live in his world.

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Steve Jobs, 1955–2011

Steven Paul Jobs, 56 years old, is the most famous figure in technology and business on the planet.

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