IOS 15 privacy settings you should change now

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Apple’s iOS 15 going down. The latest version of the mobile operating system and its iPad version iOS 15.5 are being launched globally.Apple is announcing iPhone 13 In its year Hardware event last week.

Even before its release, iOS 15 proved to be controversial.Apple Child safety tools It was originally intended to be included in this update, but was suspended indefinitely after surveillance was strongly opposed.This is the second year in a row that a key new feature is missing as a new version IOS emission.

Apple App tracking controls for iOS 14-Prevent advertisers from tracking you through your phone-was postponed to May 2021 and included in iOS 14.5 after Facebook and other advertising companies Complain about their impactBut the complaint did not stop Apple from introducing these changes.

Apart from child safety tools, iOS 15 still contains many new privacy and safety features. As with any new software update, you should install the new system as soon as possible.Updates usually include not only new features, but they usually eliminate new bugs and security vulnerabilities at the last minute iOS 14.8 updateIt was released before the Apple iPhone event, showing the importance of installing new software.

Although Apple has made iOS 15 available for download, it usually takes a while to promote it globally, which means it may take longer to reach some people than others. The following are the things you need to change when you install the update on your phone.

Block email trackers

In iOS 14, Apple cleaned up App tracking. This time the hidden tracker is hidden in The email you received Is becoming a target. These trackers usually appear in pixel format inserted into the email body, header, or footer, and these pixels return information about you to the email sender.

Apple’s new Email privacy protection Prevent email senders (usually those who send marketing emails and newsletters) from seeing your IP address and when you opened the email. Instead, it will route your IP address through multiple proxy servers and randomly assign you another IP address.By default, email privacy protection is not turned on, you need to go to set up, mail, privacy protection And open options Protect mail activity.

See what the app is doing

Apple added one App privacy report Enter privacy part set up In iOS 15-click to open it Log application activity And open options. Through the privacy report, you can quickly understand which cell phone sensors each application has used in the past 7 days and the domains that it has connected to during this period.

You will be able to see the number of times an app has accessed your photos, camera, microphone, and contacts in the past week (if you have granted them permission to do so). For example, this enables you to check whether the application really needs to use your microphone for operation. If the application is not using the permissions you granted it, it may be worth closing them, at least temporarily.

Hide your IP address

In September 2017, Apple introduced smart tracking prevention for the Safari web browser in iOS 11. ITP is Safari’s way to prevent tracking your online tracking while you browse the web-Apple’s machine learning is used to find which domains track your browsing and then delete the data stored on people’s phones.

This technology has continued to evolve over the past four years. In iOS 15, Apple provides the option to hide your IP address from the tracker. This means that websites cannot convert your IP address into an identifier, and they can then use that identifier to connect all your browsing.To turn on IP address hiding, go to set up, Safari, Hide IP address Then turn on the toggle switch Tracker and website.

Use Apple’s authenticator

One of the most important things you can do Protect yourself from hackers Is on Two-step verification Applies to all your online accounts. In most cases, when using two-factor authentication, you must enter a code (usually generated by an app or sent via SMS) and a password to access your account.

Code sent via SMS Not so safe As those generated by the application. In iOS 15, Apple introduced its own authenticator-which means you don’t have to use other companies’ apps. In this way, if you want, you can lock yourself in Apple’s ecosystem.You can set the verification code in set up, passwordThen, when you use Safari to log in to the website, they can be filled in automatically.

Use private relay to protect your browsing

Apple is bundling some of its more advanced privacy options with its iCloud+ subscription. In addition to the increased online storage capacity provided by iCloud+, there are four privacy and security features exclusively for paying users. This is the latest extension of Apple’s promotion of services.

The first is Apple’s iCloud Private Relay-a VPN-like service that can route your network traffic through multiple servers and keep your location private. Your web traffic is routed in two directions: This is to prevent anyone (including Apple) from knowing what you are viewing online. The first part involves the server owned by Apple encrypting the URL you are visiting, and then deleting the information related to it that can identify you. At the same time, another company-Apple says it is working with a “trusted partner”-will assign a temporary IP address.

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