Jack Paul is eager to win the change of boxing die-hard fans by becoming Robin Hood

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Cleveland, Ohio — For a sport with such a divided structure, YouTube stars like Jack Paul can transform into a legal pay-per-view brand in record time, without too many barriers to intrusion, and boxing remains immune Welcome, just like any one in all sports.

Paul (3-0, 3 KOs), the 24-year-old influencer, actor and entrepreneur, when facing the former UFC, he hopes to be accepted by boxing traditionalists. This is the best he has been as a real boxing brand so far. The tough test welterweight champion Tyron Woodley (Showtime PPV, 8pm EST) Sunday at Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse.

Born in Cleveland, grew up in the nearby Westlake suburbs, and his two-year-old brother Logan made his debut on Showtime PPV through boxing Floyd Mayweather in June, Jack Paul participates in various homecoming activities As a local boy who succeeded in his blue-collar city. However, he thinks he has paid to ensure that he transitions quickly to boxing in the right way, which still allows him to fight for respect among the core goalkeepers of sweet science.

“I hope the boxing world can embrace me completely,” Paul told “Morning Kombat” after the match. Wednesday’s media training“I think many people already know it, but now they are basically boxing purists. They really don’t understand what I’m doing. I would like this kind of respect.”

In Paul’s view, not only did he show his respect for the sport by wholeheartedly accepting the full-life immersive Spartan lifestyle required by this level of training, but also during the training period, he also showed his due respect for the sport. Boxing thoughts surrounded himself. The training camp in Puerto Rico is run by former world champion contenders BJ Flores and J’Leon Love.

Paul wears a self-referential custom hat with “just a Disney kid” engraved on the front, and he certainly understands why those in power initially slowly accepted his “problem child” role as a backlog of the main troll on his resume online. absurd. However, he hopes that once they examine him closely in his newly discovered craft, different opinions will emerge.

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“I like boxing, I love it,” Paul said. “It makes sense to hit people or hit people in the face. My life is a battle. I have never received anything, so I feel like I am at home. I feel like I was put on this earth to fight. , I like challenges. I am driven by challenges.

“Boxing is a 24/7 job-it’s training, sleeping, eating, recovering, not going to parties, not distracting, not bringing girls. All of this makes it the hardest job. My background is trolling. It’s the Internet, it’s “marketing and twisting things and using it to deceive people.” At first I did seem arrogant, noisy and annoying, but everything has something deeper. ”

In the public square in downtown Cleveland, amidst the cheers of the fans in his hometown, Paul, who had just gotten out of the ring playing Tai Chi, couldn’t help but ponder for a while and let all this sink into it.

In the first match of his exclusive Showtime PPV agreement, he also obtained 50% control of the broadcast and promotion of the match. When Paul experienced the most severe test in his young boxing career, he had already worn many hats. . In the history of the sport, no boxer has attracted so much commercial attention in his fourth professional match.

“I never dreamed that this is why I looked around. Why am I here?” Paul said. “This city has made me. It is the perfect culmination of the boxing career I just started. Looking around, seeing friends and family, and seeing this beautiful city, I am very happy, and try to incorporate it all into it, because of you Don’t have two moments like this in your life.”

“It’s not just about fighting. It’s about my team, my friends, my family-I have the opportunity to make history and do things that few people have been able to do in this sport for a century. I I will not be so depressed, nor will I mess up and slip.”

Of course, Paul does realize that a major part of the boxing industry’s reluctance to accept him is his matching strength after knocking out boxers early in the three games. These boxers will hardly be confused with anyone who resembles a professional player-YouTuber AnEson Gibb, before NBA Defender Nate Robinson and retired mixed martial artist Ben Askeron.

Although Woodley is a step in the right direction for Paul to meet the challenges that will force him to show how real his true fighting ambitions are, Paul continues to be criticized because he is mainly targeting obviously older and younger opponents , Most of them come from MMA rather than boxing.

Untested light heavyweight Tommy Fury (6-0, 4 KOs), a reality TV star and half-brother of WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, on Sunday’s hole cards Not coincidentally, becoming a potential future opponent can certainly help those matters.

However, Paul’s earlier quoted “Everything has something deeper” is an interesting shift back to boxing purists, who have been yawning at Paul’s scene, taking the spotlight in the sport from those more Move away from the person worthy of attention. Ironically, Paul played the role of a modern Robin Hood, dedicated to doing better for those who have been slow to accept him as a member of him.

Paul hopes to use his platform to change the first stumbling block is the topic of boxer compensation, which is currently a hot topic in the MMA circle, especially for UFC boxers who feel that they are seriously underpaid. But Paul believes that his voice-and more importantly, his behavior-also helps make changes in boxing.

“I have no plans, but obviously I am now an advocate for this,” Paul said. “[UFC] Warriors cannot use their voices. If UFC fighters talk about how they were not paid, they will get shillings and be put aside. Dana White will not let them fight, so I really am the only one who has a platform to talk about it. When I do this, everyone agrees with me, so I say I will stick to this more because I do believe in it.

“I do think this is something that needs to be changed, even for boxers. I made a point on this card, which is to reduce income to ensure that the people on the card get the biggest payday of their career. So. I don’t just say it out loud, I’m actually taking action because it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I think people should be paid.”

Whether or not Paul beat Woodley this weekend, he knows that to turn the hearts of everyone involved in the sport, this is still a difficult climb. But he hopes that his commercial success can bring an upward trend to the well-deserved world champions around him who have not received their due crossover or mainstream attention.

“All I have to do is make boxing one of the two major sports,” Paul said. “I want [boxing] Take over the NBA, take over National Football League I want to take over MMA, and I believe it has taken over the boxing of the past for a long time.

“I believe in the lightweight sector-and [Ryan] Garcia, [Devin] Hani, Gwenta [Davis] – Heavyweight matches and all upcoming matches, plus me and my brothers, and all other boxing YouTube creators, we can make this sport number one. That’s all I have done here. ”

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