Jack Paul rejected Dana White’s claim that he wanted to fight for the UFC, pushing the fighter pay issue again

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The YouTube star turned boxer Jack Paul and UFC Chairman Dana White continue to have a feud that continues. Since Paul participated in the PPV event and claimed great success, the two seem to have been at odds.

Now, when White claimed that Paul wanted to sign with the UFC, things got more grumpy, but White would not do it. In an interview with CNBC, he was asked about the salaries of the soldiers and was asked embarrassingly that Paul was fighting for him. White strongly retorted.

“Hey, that bastard didn’t fight for me! You have to tell your story clearly!” White said to the interviewer. “He didn’t fight for me. He complained about the soldier’s salary outside, and he wanted to sign with us. I won’t sign him.”

On Thursday, Paul quickly responded with his own views on the story on social media.

“Dana White… You may have used bullying to control the careers of thousands of fighters, but I never said that I want to sign with UFC, and I will never. Maybe I will consider letting you co-promote One [of] My game against the UFC champion is like you did when you fought for Connor against Freud,” Paul wrote“Because you won’t let Connor really do this without you. You live in lies, and every major fighter on your roster has complained about salary. Connor, [Jon] Jones, [Jorge] Masvidal [Nate] Diaz, [Francis] Nanu. You even fabricate a fake waist to sell tickets instead of giving Amanda Nunes a chance to make headlines.

“Remember Dana, you are an aerobic taekwondo instructor and didn’t even create UFC (Gracie and Davie created it, Fertittas saved it, and the fighters made it popular). You are a bald hobo who cannot be interviewed.”

Paul has long advocated for UFC fighters to be paid higher than their current income. In June, Sarah Alpar released a GoFundMe to help her participate in the upcoming UFC competition.Her initial goal was $5,000, and Paul only increased her fund amount to reach As of June 30, $34,201.

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