Joe Root is praised by Sachin Tendulkar

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Legend Sachin Tendulkar said that the current England team is in awe of India’s world-class seam attack, and only its captain Joe Root looks capable of reaching the top 100.

In an exclusive interview PTIThe iconic batsman talked about many issues, including India’s victory, England’s test team standards, captain Virat Kohli’s technical adjustments, Rohit Sharma’s dominance of the new ball, and Jasprit Bumrah’s 12 in the past two games. A scalp returned to the wicket.


You have participated in many unforgettable victories. How would you describe this victory in the Lord?

I was surprised when I saw Joe Root put the Indian team in after winning the pitch. I think this in itself shows that the England team is worried about our fast bowling offense. I shared a message with a friend at around 8am on Friday morning that if the weather permits, we will win this test match.

Later to me, it looked dry on the surface, because you can see that the first ball of Mohamed Siraj’s new spell took off from a good length and hit Ollie Robinson in the chest. This clearly shows that the surface is too dry, so the ball takes off from there. First of all, bowling is not the ideal decision of the England captain, thanks to our opener, they are very good.


India vs England Highlights Day 5 Test 2: IND script won a historic victory at Lord’s, defeating ENG with 151 runs

What do you think of this England’s batting lineup?

This England team has a history of collapse. I think this is where they lose control. If you look at their shots, how many batsmen can one person say, can this guy come out and get a hundred? In this team, I can’t see anyone except Joe Root. The past team had several such players, whether it was Alastair Cook, Michael Vaughn, Kevin Peterson, Ian Bell, Jonathan Trotter, Andrew Strauss.

Yes, they may get a weird one hundred, but how many people can get a big hundreds all the time? Apart from Root, I can’t find anyone. This is how they are hitting the ball today. Perhaps it was the reason why Root chose to play first.

How did you discover Rohit’s ability to hit the ball in the first game, and how much of a problem was his hook and pull tendency to cause him to be fired?

No matter what I see, I feel that he has taken the lead. He showed the other side of his temperament and how he changed the game and adapted to the situation and played accordingly.

He has always been the leader there and KL is very supportive of him. As far as pulling shots are concerned, he has cleared the fence with that shot, and I am studying what he has achieved for the team in two tests.


Virat Kohli praised Shami and Bumrah after defeating England in 151 games at Rod Stadium

Rohit passed the ball and defended it brilliantly or equally well. He has always been an excellent player, but seeing him in the last few games in England, I can say that his level is higher.

How would you rate Cheteshwar Pujara-Ajinkya Rahane’s 100 matches out of nearly 50 matches? Do you think their scoring rate will be affected by pressure?

They played a very critical role, because when they got together, we were actually 28 Form Three. Two faster wickets, we will be 60 out of five, and the dynamics will be completely different. They stabilized the number of games.

Their idea is to do things that are good for the team, and they did it. While doing this, the rest will be dealt with.

Ideally, in such a tight situation, you want all the batsmen to play, but this is always impossible.

Willat is going through a period of drought. Is this a technical problem or an ideological problem?

Villat did not start well. It’s the mind that causes technical errors. If you don’t start well, you will start to think about many things. Because of the high level of anxiety, you tend to overcompensate for your movements. When the batsman is not in good shape, you will either step too far or not move your foot at all. Everyone will encounter this situation. Form is also the coordination of your mind and body.

What do you think of Joe Root’s captain to the tail?

If you can cancel the top order by bowling in a good area, then why don’t you try to use the rear wing? I thought they were impatient and thought they wanted to scare them with a short bowling ball, but this was one of the reasons that inspired them to stay in the crease and add those precious more than 100 runs.

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In the first game of the fifth day, the game slipped slowly and surely from the hands of the England team. Their body language is not very good.

How is this Indian bowling attack different from the early days when we had Kapil Dev, Javagal Srinath or Zaheer Khan?

Today, this bowling attack is the best in the world. It reflects talent, discipline, hard work and the ability to learn more. I don’t like to compare across epochs, because bowling attacks should also be judged by the batter against them. Whether in Kapil, Srinath or Zahir’s generation, different batsmen are facing them.

Jasprit Bumrah has a short weight loss patch, but is now looking for his best form. What has changed between the World Trade Center finals and now?

I don’t think Bumrah has a long enough spell before the World Trade Center finals. He is the kind of bowler who pitches as much as possible. He not only has a big heart, but also a brain. We saw this yesterday. He beat Oli Robinson with an excellent slow ball and fired him after playing him with a few short balls.

What is special about Mohammed Siraj in his short international career?

Siraj learns quickly and can adapt well to various situations. His learning speed is very fast. Fast bowlers have a period of very rapid development. You look at them and you know that they are different bowlers now.

They have the window they developed, and that window is now with Siraj. He developed very fast. When I saw him at MCG last year until now, what impressed me was that Siraj learned how to construct a round and a spell. This kind of thinking ability is essential. He faltered, making 100% effort every time.

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