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Julie Prince shares with us today her garden in Albany, Georgia.

My garden is located in southwestern Georgia and is considered the 8th district. In some years it may be in the tropics, while in other years it may be one or two colder regions. Always a challenge, never certainty. The garden is about two years old, and it started on a lawn and weeds fenced around the swimming pool.

After we each lost our spouse, my husband and I got married on 9-19-19. I sold my house and moved to his farm. We not only completely renovated the garden, but also renovated the house. The past two years have been really busy!

This garden was built with many plants that I brought from my previous garden, including some shrubs, perennials, and seeds collected from some annual plants.Grass and weeds are cleared, heavy Cover Pine grass is placed. After a few weeks, I started planting and improved the soil in each hole with good soil. Compost. Existing Soil Is heavy red, rock Clay. You will see huge rocks in the pictures WaterscapeThese were removed from the area where the swimming pool was built. My husband used an old syrup kettle to make a water feature, which was once used as a sink on a dairy farm!Except Bird (Including many hummingbirds), butterflies and moths, my dog ​​likes gardens.

There are a variety of plants, including several varieties Salvia, This is the favorite of hummingbirds.I have a Milkweed plant (Asclepias) This attracts butterflies.The Emperor Caterpillar ate my copper leaf fennel (Fennel Vulgar ‘Purpureum’, zones 4-9) and dill weed (Fennel Tomb, Year).The Coneflower It is a bee magnet.Birds like to perch (I think they are) on the “black stockings” fountain grass (Pennisetum ‘Black stockings’, zone 8-10 or once a year).It has grown to more than 10 feet tall and stands on a tree planted with star jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides, Districts 7-10).

Garden around the underground swimming poolThe garden has developed around the swimming pool in the past two years.

Black dog in the gardenOne of the dogs is taking a photo with a water scene made of boulders pulled from the ground when the swimming pool was built.

Wishbone FlowerWishbone Flower (Torregna, Once a year), full of beautiful purple flowers

Garden bed with white flowers behindWhite shasta daisy (White flower X pride Areas 5-9) formed the background for this kind of planting.

A large group of black-eyed Susan in the gardenReally impressive amount Coneflower Sharp (Area 3-9) occupies the garden here and provides a lot of flowers for bees and other plants Pollinator.

Garden bed with many different leavesPurple leaves Geranium Pale ‘Purpurea’ (zone 7-10 or annual) contrasts with the flowers on this bed.

Lamb's ears in the center of the garden bedSilver leaves of lamb ears (Stachys Byzantium, Area 4-10) occupies a central position here.

Black stockings fountain grass next to the fenceThe black stockings fountain grass made a dramatic statement. What an incredible plant! Although it is only cold-resistant to zone 8, it can be grown every year in cold climates.

More garden foliage plants in the backgroundA pot of tender succulents creates a nice atmosphere in the garden.

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