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We all are quite aware of the role played by WhatsApp in our daily chores. After its advent, we almost forgot about normal text messages, because of which it looks so outdated these days. But in recent days, WhatsApp has been making news around the world over its security policies. This has led a bunch of people to move towards other alternative apps.

When it comes to messenger apps, we have only a handful of apps in the market. Many entrepreneurs also aim to launch their perfect alternative to WhatsApp. You can also join their march with a unique feature-rich WhatsApp clone.

Why is WhatsApp so popular among people?

Whenever we use WhatsApp, we feel extremely comfortable with it. But have we ever thought about why it is so comfortable and easy for us to text? By exploring this question, we found out answers for the same. Here, I have mentioned some of the top reasons why it is popular among people.

  • It came as a bolt from the blue.

When WhatsApp was launched in 2009, it almost dealt with a new concept. Those were the days when every SMS we sent was charged. In some parts of the world, SMSs were even charged around one dollar. WhatsApp came as a real savior and introduced free-of-cost messaging services, which was the first of its kind.

When was the last time you said hello to someone in text messages?. After WhatsApp’s arrival, we almost forgot to use text messages.

  • User-friendly and easy-to-integrate contacts

WhatsApp is quite easy to use for people as they do not involve any complex operation procedures. If the contacts are already stored in the mobile phone, they can easily be integrated with WhatsApp. So, the users need not have to enter their phone numbers again to search their contacts in the app.

  • Well-updated to match with the upcoming trends

Initially, when WhatsApp was launched, it was only limited to sending and receiving messages. But after years, to match with the ongoing trends, it introduced several features like video calls, voice calls, payment integration, and various other features. It keeps on updating itself with the emerging and ongoing trends to stay on pace.

How can you proceed with the WhatsApp clone app development?

Developing a messaging app is not an easy task, and it involves a lot of complexities. Security factors play a major role in messaging apps. Remember the security issues raised with WhatsApp? So, ensure that you provide the utmost security and end-to-end encryption for the messages.

The WhatsApp clone is a perfect alternative for your messaging app venture. You can just replicate the features and models of the original app. The following are the steps you have to follow while developing your WhatsApp clone,

Understand the messaging app market

A better understanding of the market will prepare you to face any kind of challenges and competition. Conduct frequent research in the market to know the recent trends and demands prevailing in the market. In the same way, you will also understand the customer’s needs and preferences.

Know your competitors

This is one of the potential checks you have to make while entering the market. There are several key players in the market, and find out how you could stand unique from the others. Firstly, you have to find their strategies and find gaps to bridge them into your app.

Find your potential target market.

Whenever you launch a venture or an app, it is quite important to know your potential target audience. In the current scenario, everyone uses messaging apps for communication. But to be very particular, millenials and young people will be the majority of the users. So you can try focusing on them to market your app.

Hire the best team of developers

To materialize your business ideas, you need a good team of developers, well-versed in different technology stacks. I recommend you to opt for ready-made clone apps for your venture. Pre-built apps will save the time you spend on developing the app right from scratch. Most importantly, it is also cost-effective.

How much does it cost to develop a WhatsApp app clone?

There are several factors to determine the total cost of an app. Some of the determining factors are,

App platform

Different app platforms will incur different costs as their development processes are different from each other. So the platform you choose to run your app will also impact the overall cost. If you wish to launch your app on both the Android and iOS platforms, the cost is quite high. Generally, cross-platform apps are higher in costs when compared to native apps.

UX/UI design

User-friendly apps are what people demand. Because they are the end-users, and they should feel comfortable using your app. An intuitive design, alluring user interface, and a seamless user experience are the vital aspects to consider in your app development. The theme, color, and design pattern you choose will also have an impact on the app development cost.

App size

The features you choose in your app play a major role in deciding the cost. When you opt for advanced features, they will result in high costs. You can also launch your WhatsApp clone app with basic features. This is what most apps do. Initially, they will launch their app with basic features and, later on, add some more features to it.

For example, when WhatsApp was launched, it only had the facility to send or receive messages. But later on, they added a few more features to the app.

On a concluding note,

Over the past decades, we could witness how these apps have grown up. They have become the best mediums to send our messages, right from personal chats to professional chats. With a WhatsApp clone, you can set your foot in the messenger app marketplace. All you have to do now is to start your hunt to find perfect app developers to develop your app.

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