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My name is Lori Herlin and I live on a 4.75 acre hillside in Asheville, North Carolina. I retired from Houston seven years ago. I have been an avid gardener in Houston for 30 years, but for a very different climate, there are actually four seasons, and how to garden on very steep slopes, I have a lot to learn. It took me a while to find shoes with enough traction so that I would not slip downhill most of the time. When we bought it, our lot was mainly wild forest with a small amount of landscape along the driveway.

I spent the first four years beautifying the hill above the driveway, all the way to the road, and then downhill below the house. We set up a winding path on the side of the mountain, passing through our lot. I have three main park areas, and I also beautify the trails. The trails and parks are decorated with some of my concrete projects and purchased statues. My sculptures switched from bronze casting to concrete, because the larger outdoor scale made bronze casting too expensive. I have a life-sized baby black bear in one of the parks.

In the past three years, I have concentrated on a new project along the driveway, which I call a miniature bonsai garden. It combines the gardening and sculpture hobbies I brought from Houston with the new bonsai hobby I cultivated in Asheville. My new garden is 100 feet long, and there are bonsai trees being trained in it. Flowering ground cover, Succulents and others Small plants, As well as mosaic terraces, small brick retaining walls, tiled flower pots (built in my studio in winter), tiled walkways and a stream made of rock and concrete.

The mini-garden is developed from the experience and problem solving of the past two years, and is currently in the third growing season.

Slope with retaining wall in autumnThis is the “before” photo of the space that will become a miniature garden.

Slope after landscaping and new plantsThis is the “after” shot. Look closely at the plants in front; they are miniatures, Small shrub Receive bonsai training.

Mini garden with path and mini seating areaThe miniature garden even has mini walkways and swings.

Stream through the mini gardena little bit Waterscape Run through the mini landscape.Shrubs are Cedar Wild boar ‘Filifera Aurea’ (zones 4-8) or similar cultivars are pruned to expose the trunk, making them look like miniature trees.

Mini garden with mini gazebo and mini courtyardIn the details of this miniature garden, I especially like the small vine-covered Arbor!

Mini garden, mini paths winding through bonsai treesI like how the landscape works on two levels. In the broad field of view, the larger landscape is a whole, and when you look closely, you can see all the miniature details.

Mini chairs and tables next to the mini pondA little Rest area For small garden visitors on the mosaic tile terrace

Bonsai tree growing undergroundTraditionally bonsai are grown in containers, not on the ground, but this technique can be applied to various situations. The wires wrapped around the trunk allow each branch to be positioned exactly where you want it to create a tree-like effect in the garden.

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