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Today we are going to visit Lila Johnson (we have visited his garden before: Flower of August).

My garden has been exhibited in GPOD before, but after careful consideration and several bids, my husband and I undertook a landscape renovation in early April 2021.

When we were 78 and 77 years old, we had a pleasant heart-to-heart conversation and decided that we would always stay at home. This is a walker. There are good neighbors in a good neighborhood. We like our garden. For our community in Mill Creek, Washington, it’s a good size.

The starting point is to pull up the old grassland And start working from there. Although we all like the appearance of the green lawn, we know that we want less, and maybe there is a terrace where we can sit and have a cup of coffee in the morning sun, or have a glass of wine in the evening looking for shade.

I like to watch Dry riverbed, There are already a lot of stones around our garden, there are also about three inside Sunlit area (Shadow, sunlight and partial shadow/sunlight). I also want to install power sockets because landscape lighting will be added next: the type of low-voltage kit we can do.Gravel road and wood arbor Added with the Bluestone Terrace in Pennsylvania.The stars are Japanese coral bark maple (Acer Palm ‘Sango Kaku’, Districts 5-9) Behind the terrace, I asked my husband to drag a ceiling light from Christmas, and this tree looks great at night!

The landscape staff transplanted something from around our garden and added many new plants.We never really liked our little forecourt, Facing awkwardly on the street, so on a whim, after chatting with the gardener, we also added a dry river bed in front. We got a lot of compliments. I finally like our front yard.

We are very happy, although we may have created more work for ourselves because of the addition of more planting areas, my husband likes that the bark/mulch is slanted and looks neat. Before we move or increase planting, the first year is a “wait and see” year.

The garden before the landscapingThis is one of the “before” views. Although it looks good, there is still a lot of room to add more plants and hard beautification.

Garden renovation is in progressSometimes things have to get worse to get better! Coral Bark Maple sat in the flower pot, waiting to enter the ground.

Garden path leading to the wooden gazeboThis is a “after” photo showing the new Gravel road, A place for trees and many new plants!

A dry river bed in the front yard, surrounded by pink flowersThe newly dried river bed in the front garden looks great!

Close the terrace with small maple trees at the backCoral bark maple is lit to show off its beauty.

Pink and orange cone flowerA bumblebee loves this new garden, especially the flowers of this hybrid cone flower (Echinacea Mixed, zones 5-9).

Two potted plants with brightly colored flowersContainer planting Dress up a new hard outfit.

Garden path leading to a small terraceThe new landscape includes a new Terrace Sit back and enjoy this space.

Do you have a garden you want to share?

Do you have any photos to share? We would love to see your garden, the specific plant series you like, or the wonderful garden you have the opportunity to visit!

Submit and send 5-10 photos to [email protected] And some information about the plants in the photo and where the photo was taken. We would love to know where you are, how long you have been in gardening, the success you are proud of, the lessons you learned from it, your hope for the future, your favorite plants or interesting stories in your garden.

If you want to send photos to GPOD mailbox That’s fine.

Do you have a cell phone?Tag your photo Facebook, Instagram Either Twitter With #FineGardening!

You don’t have to be a professional garden photographer – check out our Garden photography skills!

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