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My name is Linda Corinaldi. This is my second year sending you my photos (previous posts are here: Take root, finally). In a normal year in West Vancouver, British Columbia, summer temperatures are pleasant and never hot. This summer, we experienced a heat like never before on the west coast. Some of our plants respond by doing strange things. I expect the burning plants to be good, and I think tropical plants will be happy because of the high temperature burning.

Pink hydrangea behind a black fenceLast year, I posted this photo with a dilapidated wooden door. This year here is the same scenery, but with black iron gates.The same pink hydrangea (Big leaf hydrangea, Areas 5-9) are located on both sides of the gate.

Vines with purple flowersClematis ‘Warsaw Nike’ (zones 4-9) had a wonderful climbing performance on the fence.

Plants with yellow leaves next to the housethis thorium ‘Yellow Wave’ (zones 9-11) produced three flower stems this year-a surprise! There used to be a clock in a flower pot on the wall.It is planted succulent plants.

Canna with pink flowers and dark leavesI took the opportunity to leave these sugar cane Last winter, in the south-facing position near the house, “Louis Cotton” bulbs were planted on the ground. We are in the 8th district. They are taller than the house this year. Hummingbirds like flowers. (sugar cane The cold resistance varies from species to species, but it is usually overwintered in zone 8 and warm outdoors. )

Potted plants full of light green leavesVarious greens and yellows make this container almost luminous. thorium “Yellow Wave”, Facia “Spider webs” (zones 7-10) and Japanese forest grass (Hakone Flower Macro, Areas 5-9) are special features.

Containers filled with colorful foliage plantscontainer Is my favorite.This one has Canna’Tropicana’, Coleus (keel Skullcap, Zone 11) and “Blackie” sweet potato vines (Sweet potato Potato ‘Blackie, District 10-11 or once a year).

Three plants with deep purple leavesI think the color in this flowerpot-it contains thorium ‘Matt Melo’, Taro “Black Corals” (zones 9-11), and Geranium zebra (Area 9-11)-Complement each other.

A garden full of different leavesBy the end of summer these Japanese bananas (Moussa Baggio, Zone 6-10) is as high as a maple tree.

A bush full of pink flowers in a sea of ​​green leavesThe blooming azaleas provide a touch of color in the sea of ​​mixed green and bronze shrubs.

Garden beds with many texturesAt the end of our driveway, in a big Okuba shrub (Okuba Japonica rice, Area 7-10) is an interesting combination of textures.In front is the crawling jenny (Lychees numbness, Area 3-9) combines two shades of green.Behind is a row of sedges (Carex ‘Toffee Twist’, zone 7-10 or once a year).On the left is a Euonymus Golden shrub (Euonymus Japonica rice ‘Aureomarginata’, zones 6-9), one on the right cough (Area 3–9) and Skimia shrub (Japonica rice, Area 6-8), in the middle is the bear’s breakthrough (sage Soft Area 6–10) and forever “Blackheads” in the container (zones 9-10).

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