Lombard U-15 cricket champion reunites after 25 years

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Some of them were connected after more than 20 years, but the warmth should not be missed. The winning teams of the Lombard Under-15 Challenge Cup in 1996 gathered on an online platform to relive the magical moments of Lord’s. “I can’t believe it’s been 25 years since we won that championship,” said Sakar Talva, the coach of that team.

This reunion was an initiative of Talva, and players from different parts of the country and the world responded. “I am very happy to see the face of my friend. We were not even 15 years old when we first met. Thank you Talwar Sir for shaping the team into a successful combination. Our love and respect for him comes from his love for the team. Way of care. Work. He is honest in team selection. Thanks to him, I played so much cricket,” said the main member of the team, Mohamed Kaif.

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After the first round, Kaif was excluded from the camp. “Yes, when Mr. Talwar fought for my joining, I was already home. If he did not support me, I would not even play for Uttar Pradesh. The four-month training camp (in Farida) Bard) laid the foundation for my cricket. Besides, I will never forget our first flight experience when we flew to London,” Kaif recalled.

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For Reetender Singh Sodhi, training camps and competitions are unforgettable experiences. “We have learned some life lessons, and the important thing is that we are recognized. Summer camp is a decisive process in our career, because we learned the importance of teamwork and discipline. Summer camp is a key stage of our life, for our growth The foundation was laid. Mr. Talwar “I am strict, but also very concerned. To me, every member of the team is a hero. Playing in front of the crowded home team and beating Pakistan was an exciting experience,” Sodi recalled.

One of the members, Gulzar Inder Singh, talked about the hard work of each player in the training camp. “Sometimes we sleep on the terrace because the stadium will have power outages. But this only makes us strong. We are always ready and eager to participate in the game,” said Gulzar, who is now making films in Hindi cinemas and is also making his way to Hollywood .

Talwar was emotional. “I am very happy when I see these boys doing well for themselves. They have grown up and are living a happy life. They climbed the cricket Everest at Lord’s 25 years ago, and I am very lucky to have this. A group of outstanding young people.”

team: Reetender Singh Sodhi (Captain), Mohammad Kaif, Vivek Mahajan, Rajiv Jolly, Ravneet Ricky, Ishan Ganda, Maninder Bola, Pradeep Chawla, Bhavan Chander, Raman Jha, Agam Pandit, Gagandeep Singh, Rajan Gupta Singhulzar.

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