Manny Pacquiao continues to ignore the father of time in another championship battle with Yordenis Ugas

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More than six years ago, defending welterweight champions Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao met in the largest match in boxing history, competing for the title of best boxer of their collective era.

Although the super battle came about five years too late after a long-delayed soap opera, it was still a duel of the two best fighters on the planet at the time, one pound for one pound. Considering their respective ages-the undefeated Mayweather is 38 years old and Pacquiao is 36 years old-this battle has a historic element at work, providing everyone with a permanent definition of victory. Last chance for inheritance.

Pacquiao, who is partly to blame for a shoulder injury, will continue to lose the game with convincing decisions, and Mayweather, as expected, will retire from the “traditional” part of his fighting career in four months (though most Good description of the three comebacks) as a quasi-exhibition, if not a complete exhibition). However, Pacquiao never stopped fighting.

What’s interesting about Pacquiao’s extraordinary legacy is that although he lost to Mayweather in a decisive match for most people in their careers, the Filipino icon has cemented his legacy. Or it seems that as early as 2010, he became the only eighth champion in boxing.

Few people can guess that Pacquiao will continue to fight at an elite level after 2015, because his age and style are a smaller fighter, so he relies on speed and explosive power against larger opponents. It is even more impossible to predict that he will still fight today, becoming the biggest pay-per-view headline of the year held in Las Vegas this weekend.

However, we came here, only a few days away from Pacquiao. The 42-year-old challenged WBA welterweight champion Yordenis Ugas in the main event on Saturday. It became obvious after two years of layoffs. Betting darling (PBC on Fox PPV, 9pm EST), after Ugas was the late replacement for the 147-pound uniform champion Errol Spence Jr., who withdrew from the competition due to a retinal tear in just 11 days.

Pacquiao (62-7-2, 39 KOs) was only 16 years old when he made his career debut with 106 pounds in 1995. Surprisingly 26 years later, in an era when his contemporaries (if they were active) usually made money from boxing mixed martial arts fighters and YouTube influencers, Pacquiao clearly hasn’t added luster to his legacy.

Although his victory over Timothy Bradley Jr. (in their trilogy) and Jesse Vargas immediately after Mayweather was impressive, they did not imply what would happen next. In the 12-month match that began in July 2018, Pacquiao scored three consecutive victories, beating Lucas Matisse, Adrian Broner, and Keith, who was unbeaten at the time. Thurman. The surprising recovery almost won him the honor of 40-year-old Warrior of the Year and re-established his status as the best P4P player in the game.

So how did we get here, Pacquiao seems to have found the well-known fountain of youth? Is this as simple as a living legend. In this era that is not normal, he always matches himself as hard as possible and becomes his last breed as a veritable natural monster?

“Yes, a little bit,” trainer Freddie Roach (Freddie Roach) Tell “Morning Kombat” last month“His speed, his strength and his work ethic are still great. He trains very hard every day and his footwork is great.”

Roach, the mentor of the Hall of Fame, has been Pacquiao’s father since Pacquiao walked out of the street into his Los Angeles Stadium more than 20 years ago, and ultimately determined Pac-Man’s passion for the sport-this Not yet despite his fame and success, he was extinguished-this is the secret of his longevity.

Pacquiao agreed Tell CBS Sports last week, “My secret is training, and of course discipline. [But] I am very happy to have done these three years, and I still enjoy what I am doing now. “

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However, when it comes to the reputation he has developed as a fighter, he constantly seeks to give back to his fans by not only hitting the best results, but also looking for an exciting style to match his own opponent, Pacwe. Ao mentioned his love for what he did, and had the opportunity to inspire others as his main source of motivation. This is why he found Spencer in the first place, and why he is also willing to accept Urgas as a replacement in such a short period of time.

“I think this is evidence of enthusiasm for this sport because it is my passion,” Pacquiao said. “Not only is it hard to make money, but it is also an inspiration for boxing fans, encouraging young boxers to work hard and firm their dreams.”

Although Pacquiao has long been disciplined and a well-known gym rat, Roach admitted that his fighter was awakened from his controversial 2017 loss to Jeff Horne, when Pacquiao Seems to grow old overnight in a destructive battle, arrive in Australia with jet lag and a bit in a distraught training camp, under-trained while serving as a senator in his hometown of the Philippines.

Since then, Pacquiao has ensured to do a better job in balancing his civic obligations, although it can be said that his current return is politically motivated, as Pacquiao’s history as a human rights senator is often criticized and may be Taking advantage of the positive side achieved a major victory in his era as a national hero, thus becoming the rumored springboard for the 2022 presidential election.

How Pacquiao’s political hopes will affect his fighting future remains uncertain. Roach believes Pacquiao’s final in-ring goal is to win the election and then win one more boxing match as the reigning Filipino president. status.

Either way, Pacquiao’s eternal way and his philanthropic reputation got a complete cycle in the accumulation of his boxing return, because he partnered with Takeover Industries to become their NXT LVL hydrogen water sports spokesperson, Pacquiao’s The image is currently decorated with gas-infused spring water used for training and recovery on the collector’s cans.

Pacquiao rarely appeared in pre-war footage without a logo on his product or his team’s equipment. Although this is expected to be a financially rich partnership for both parties-acquisition CEO Toby McBride said that this beverage has made more than money online in the first 120 days before entering the retail store $1 million-Pacquiao is more focused on how to use it to give back.

After initially receiving a drink sample during training, Pacquiao really liked its benefits, and he contacted the company to provide a partnership to launch the product throughout Southeast Asia. This led to an agreement in which the Manny Pacquiao Foundation, the fighter’s charity, signed an agreement to obtain a percentage of all NXT LVL sales to help the unfortunate.

Pacquiao said: “We are helping many people around the world provide shelter, and of course medical care.” “We have been building houses in Uganda. [for example] This is good. I want to help people, not only for my compatriots, but also for the whole world. This is my heart and wish from the beginning. I want to be a source of inspiration for everyone as much as possible. ”

McBride has launched successful beverage brands such as SoBe, Arizona Iced Tea and Xyience. He said that combining the health and anti-aging effects of his products with Pacquiao’s reputation for longevity is effortless.

“I have loved him since he started fighting. In fact, we can help his charity seal it for me,” McBride said. “We can sell as much as we can, which would be great, but if we can save lives and help people, I have done my job. He is just an amazing person, and that’s why I made this deal. Age Now it’s a number. This is how you feel, how you spend your days and how you should spend your life. This is the purpose of our products.”

Pacquiao’s ignorance of the history of the father of time constitutes a great pre-match narrative, but it is inevitable that few boxers are not the last to know they have lingered for too long. In Pacquiao’s game against Urgas (26 wins and 4 losses), how much will the two-year layoffs play in Pacquiao’s game against Urgas, who is a 35-year-old technician , Former Cuban amateur star, tall and durable?

“In my case, [the layoff] It’s good for me because I’ve been boxing for nearly 30 years,” Pacquiao said. “It’s nonstop, so I’d better take a two-year break.My body has no time to rest [previously]. When I returned to training camp and combat mode, I was very excited and happy. What I am doing now, I think I am young again. I always work as hard as I did when I was young. “

When asked about the dangers his opponents-originally Spencer, now Ugas-posed to him at this age, Pacquiao quickly reminded that at the elite level, the only danger is no Be fully prepared—whether mentally or in the form of physical adjustment—he promises that this will not be a problem.

Pacquiao is at the age of in-depth review of where he came from and what he has achieved. As a poor kid who used to sell doughnuts and cigarettes on the streets of Manila to survive, has he ever thought that one day he might become a presidential candidate and a Hall of Fame boxer and leave?

The answer is simple.

“Where I am from, from the beginning I couldn’t imagine that I would accomplish all these things,” Pacquiao said. “I have always believed that I have gone from nothing to something that helps people and inspires everyone.

“As long as God gives me strength and health, and always protects me, I can still fight. But now one at a time. I can’t talk about the next thing until I pay attention to this first. After that, discuss and talk about the future.”

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