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Although from a commercial appeal point of view, as a blockbuster pay-per-view event in the summer, Manny Pacquiao (Manny Pacquiao) returned on Saturday two years after layoffs, still showing incredibly charming Style showdown.

After the joint welterweight champion Errol Spencer Jr. was forced to withdraw after only 11 days due to retinal tear surgery, defending WBA champion Youdenis Ugas emerged from the PPV main card and won the Premier League boxing champion card. Face Pacquiao at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas in the main event.

Although Ugas (26-4, 12 KOs) lacks the same level of threat of fighting power as the undefeated Spence, the 35-year-old brought him as an outstanding Cuban amateur and great player. Technical know-how. The size of the partition. Due to his defensive ability, he is also easy to exchange firepower at close range behind the high guard.

But the most important thing for the 42-year-old Pacquiao is also one of the main reasons why the Filipino idol is so willing to accept such a difficult battle in a short period of time to save the card. Ugas has Pacquiao in the game. The WBA championship won in one game started when he defeated Keith Thurman for the first time in 2019. During Pacquiao’s suspension, Urgas was promoted to the all-around champion, which is not commensurate with the only eight-level champion in boxing.

Pacquiao said at the last press conference on Wednesday: “I don’t like someone taking my belt without challenging me.” “We are both champions, but we will see after Saturday. Who owns the belt.

“It only took me two days to get used to fighting with Urgas. I have played against many right-handed players before. It will be more difficult to switch from preparing right-handed to left-handed. Most of my opponents are right-handed, so there is nothing to do. worried.”

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Ugas originally planned to defend his belt in the game against Fabian Maidana this weekend. He has defeated Jamal James, Ray Robinson, and Ray Robinson 11-1 since 2016. Thomas Dulom, Omar Figueroa and Abel Ramos. However, Ugas’ only loss may be his most impressive performance to date.

While challenging Sean Porter for the 2019 WBC title, Ugas soared in the second half and took the fight directly to his equally aggressive enemies. Not only did Ugas score cleaner shots, but he also seemed to knock Porter down in the 12th round, although it was not judged as a knockdown. Porter continued to make a controversial majority decision in a battle that many believed Urgas should win.

Later that year, Porter used the springboard that he nearly won in a PPV conflict to challenge Spencer, and Ugas was forced to fight on Pacquiao-Thurman’s hole card. However, when the phone rang and offered a later upgrade to Pacquiao, Ugas showed patience, he accepted everything that was given, and took full advantage of the rewards.

“This is a long road for me,” Ugas said. “Obviously, I know that I am fighting Pacquiao for a short time, but I am grateful for this opportunity and I am ready to take advantage of it. We have made the adjustments we have to make in the past two weeks so that I’m Ready to meet Pacquiao. We have done everything we have to do and we are 100% ready for Saturday night’s game.

“There is no excuse to enter this battle. I have been in this position for a short notice battle before, although obviously I have never confronted a fighter like Pacquiao. But I am not worried, I believe we will both go for this Get ready for battle.”

Pacquiao reiterated throughout Fighting Week that he did not underestimate the challenge Urgas brings, although his prediction is the same as Spencer’s prediction: a knockout win. This is a potential result that Ugas vowed not to happen.

“I’m sure he can’t knock me down,” Ugas said. “In the past six years, I have done all the preparations to get this position, I have taken my steps, I just don’t believe I can be stopped by Manny.”

Battle card, odds

  • Manny Pacquiao -360 vs. Jordanis Ugas +280, WBA welterweight champion
  • Robert Guerrero -150 vs. Victor Ortiz +125, welterweight
  • Mark Magsayo -270 vs. Julio Ceja +220, WBC Featherweight Championship Knockout
  • Carlos Castro (Carlos Castro) -1100 vs. Oscar Escandon (+700), Featherweight


When comparing the skills of Spence and Ugas, it’s hard not to hide the advantages of Spence, which ranks pound-to-pound in almost every category. This is why with the change of opponents, the betting odds quickly changed from Pacquiao as a weaker to a 3-1 favorite.

But please don’t get me wrong, as long as Ugas understands the seriousness of the stakes at this level and what it takes for those who come to Las Vegas to get such a big name, this is a battle Ugas should still win. Not only will Pacquiao undoubtedly be favored by the audience as a beloved star, but given that he is fighting with such a high output by constantly increasing forward pressure, he is likely to get a similar default favor from the judges.

Considering Pacquiao’s size, defense and skills, as well as his strength as an accurate counterattack, Urgas certainly has the ability to offset some of Pacquiao’s best things. But unlike some of his Cuban contemporaries, such as Eris Randi Lara and Guillermo Rigondo in their biggest battle, he needs to pay attention to maintaining a high enough output to have a score on the scorecard. opportunity.

Matching Pacquiao’s effort and aggressiveness is clearly a dangerous proposition. Although it would be interesting to see the impact of his layoffs in the early days, Pacquiao looked as healthy and fresh in his fight against Thurman as he has been for years. He maintained stamina in the later stages of the battle and maintained his identity as the aggressor by releasing his patented combo punches from an awkward angle.

This should be a great test for Urgas’ jaws. If Pacquiao can break through his high alert, he is willing to fight to get out of the predicament. Many fighters have begun to think about how to overwhelm Pacquiao, only to be forced to pass by the threat of a quick attack they have never seen before.

The boxer’s comparative skills and questions about Pacquiao’s suspension and his inability to fully prepare for Urgas’ style may result in an interesting chess game, as the two boxers are in alternate rounds. Take turns to implement their wishes. But in order for Urgas to defeat Pacquiao in that type of battle, he not only needs to tighten the ropes to avoid knocking down, but he also needs to quickly adjust against various shapes and styles with Pacquiao, who has a wide range of advantages. The experience aspect of the elite enemy.

Let us say that there is a reason why only Floyd Mayweather can surpass Pacquiao in the welterweight competition for 12 full rounds.

The outcome of the battle may be as simple as this: if Pacquiao loses a step, Urgas has enough skills to impose his will and have a chance to win the decision. But if Pac-Man looks like the whirling dervish he still opposes Thurman, then the odds setter is doing the right thing.

Pick: Pacquiao passes UD12

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