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Today we visited with Carol Verhake.

In Berwyn, Pennsylvania (District 6b/7a), I continued to expand my 21-year-old garden.I have replaced grassland Planted beds in many areas and changed the design of some places, including New plant And reorganize the existing ones.

My favorite new space is above the stone wall in front of my house. I really like asking neighbors to comment on how much they enjoy the flower display while walking or driving.Bed like this Sunny border The woodland continues to mature and brings me joy.New features, such as Stokesia ‘Peachies’ Pick’ (area 5-9), Scutellaria (Zones 5-8), and daphne ‘Carol’s Limelight’ (area 4-8) provides wonderful colors and texture.

Shrubs with yellow-green leaves glow on a dark garden bedAgave data “Sun King” (Area 4-8) There is light Yellow-green leaves It looks great here.

White hydrangea in ornamental grassSmooth hydrangea (Hydrangea arbor, Area 3–9) and switchgrass (passion fruit virgatum, zones 5-9)

The sunny garden bed above the stone wall is full of flowersThe new front bezel on the stone wall looks great! No wonder the neighbors talked a lot.

Yellow flowers around the sundialConeflower (Coneflower Fuljida, Areas 4-9) bloom around the sundial.

Blue flowers next to variegated leaf plantsBlue flowers Skull hat Incana With light spot leaf daphne “Carol in the limelight”

Garden shed surrounded by trees and shaded gardensA sort of Garden shed Nestled in dense foliage Shaded garden.

Purple flowers in full bloomStokesia ‘Peachie’s Pick’ (zones 5-9)

Sunny garden border with pink plantsSunny flower border with Garden phlox (Phlox Spike flower, Area 4–8)

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