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Today we are going to visit Nicky’s beautiful garden.

I have been gardening my whole life and have worked in my current Chicago suburb for 25 years. These photos show a long planting bed on the west side of my backyard.

When we moved here in 1996, the garden was a narrow strip along the fence with some stable plants.In the next few years, I expanded the borders and added plants, but it was obvious that the heavy clay Need some serious work.On a glorious day about 15 years ago, most people in my extended family came to help us dig out almost all the plants on the bed and shovel a truck of compost I have sent it to our driveway and replanted. Some even brought gifts from their gardens. Thanks to my family’s incredible generosity (and willingness to become very, very dirty), my garden has been revitalized.

Since then, the garden has been steadily developing to adapt to more and more Dark conditions And new plants and new ideas. Even now, I know that there are many plants in it that prefer sunlight. But this is another year’s project.

Garden path with pink shrubs on both sidesThis spring, the horse chestnuts in full bloom (Horse chestnut × Meat, Area 5–8) on the left and with three-color beech (Beech Silvatica ‘Three colors’, area 4-7) is on the right.

Narrow garden bed in summerFront layer: cold resistant Geranium, Hecera, Hosta, And Japanese forest grass (Hakone Flower Macro, Areas 5-9).Middle layer: iris (iris Hybrid, beard group, zone 3-9), day lily (Hemerocallis Mixed, zones 4-9), daffodils (Narcissus sp.) leaves, nodding onion leaves (Allium Trillium Area 4–8), peony (Peony Mixed, zones 3-8), Phlox, and Three-color beech in the foreground.Japanese maple on the back (Acer Palm, Area 5–9) and the rising rose (Rosa Hybrid, probably “Dr. Huey’, zones 5-9).

Japanese maple tree beside deep magenta roseIn a close-up view of this bed, Japanese maple trees and climbing roses become the focus of attention.

Garden bed leaning against a wooden fenceClematis Daylilies grow on the background wall and lilies bloom (Stachys Magnolia ‘Hummelo’, area 4-8) add a touch of pink.

Dusty pink daylily in front of a small Japanese maple treeDaylily looks great against the dark leaves of the Japanese maple, especially with the blooming flowers of Speedwell (Veronica Spikes, Area 3–8).

Flower combination on the garden bedWhen Betoni bloomed with balloon flowers (Platycodon big flower, Area 3–8), Nodding onion Just started to show their buds.

Do you have a garden you want to share?

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