Reasons for weak airflow in air conditioner

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Air conditioning is the process that removes the heat and makes your home cool. Air conditioners change the temperature, humidity, and quality of the air. You can use it to maintain a level of personal comfort. It can circulate the filtered air and removes pollutants from the air. Nowadays, an AC system is necessary for all people to get a comfortable atmosphere. They give us a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere if their functioning is proper. If they are not properly working, then change your air filter regularly. Air conditioner airflow is weak due to some reasons, for instance, evaporator coil is frozen, the air filter is blocked, and fan speed is slow.

Evaporator coil is frozen:

If you feel that your evaporator coil is frozen, then immediately turn off your unit. And provide some time to it for regular work. If you use the unit with frozen coils, then they cause damage to your unit.

Blocked air filter:

If AC is not clean, then dirty air merges in the coil that blocks the proper functioning of the filter.

Blocked ducts:

Ducts deliver cool air through your home. But, if there is any hole, leakage, and blockage within the duct, you will feel a decrease in the amount of air coming from your system ducts. The issue does not develop suddenly; it takes some time. Home construction can result in any leaks and blockage of vents.

Problem with AC blower:

If the blower motor is bad and weak, then they cause a problem. An excessive amount of dust in the blades of the blower can also cause problems. A fan pushes cold air in homes, and without their strong push, it would reduce air airflow.

Slow fan speed:

If your fan speed becomes low, the ducts also start working slow, which can happen due to dust immersed in the fan and motor.

In addition to this, the working of your air conditioner slows down. So you must resolve these issues for their proper functioning. We see that the main factor is dust that is the cause of all these difficulties and causes effects such as dry hair or skin, respiratory issues, mold growth, cold and flu-like symptoms.

Dry hair or skin:

It is challenging to balance humidity levels due to the presence of dirt and dust. In return, it will cause dry hair and skin.

Mold growth:

If the home’s ductwork system is dirty, it will not maintain humidity levels, so the mold starts growing.

Cold and flu-like symptoms:

There is dirty air in your home due to dirty ducts, you will never be safe from a virus that causes typical cold and flu, and if they get severe, they cause breathing problems.

You must contact the best air conditioning company that provides you with the best services. In addition to this, this process will boost your inner air quality. You should perform duct cleaning in your home every few years. They will also alleviate health problems primarily related to your respiratory system. It will generally take a few hours, but the cleaning time depends upon your house size and the number of AC systems.

If you want air duct cleaning, Air Duct Cleaning in Buford, GA, gives one of the best services. They can use the best tools and proper methods to clean your ducts properly.

They provide several services like:


You noticed that AC is not cooling correctly, which means that your system needs repair for better working.


The installation needs to be done by an expert team. The technicians adequately train in that. They will install high-quality systems that will be according to your house needs. So you can get reliable and effective cooling for several years.


Everybody wants to save money and time, so in the maintenance of AC, this professional can save your money. During maintenance, if they see any other sign that can cause significant defects in the future, they can also maintain it in advance.

With the cleaning, there is a need for sanitization also. The process will never prevent good health problems because tiny microbes will leave in the tubes, so sanitization is best. In that, some chemical place inside the system kills the microbes and stops the growth of molds.

In that case, sanitization is best, and if they have pets in their home, there is an unpleasant smell in the air, if there is any water leakage and water damage is in your system, and you notice any bacteria, viruses, and molds in your ducts.

Additionally, sanitizing services should last about 5-6 months. During that COVID-19, if you are concerned about your family, keep your ducts virus-free, and it could only be possible if you get services from air duct sanitizing in Buford, GA. And the most important thing is that you must know about the chemical used in sanitizing because safe chemicals are significant.

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