Roman Reigns talked about his ThunderDome legacy and his method of getting live fans back on SmackDown

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It is difficult for anyone to perform without the presence of live fans. It feels almost impossible to do this for more than a year, but when WWE hopes to keep everything going well throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, some stars shine. Romain Raines, the WWE universal champion, has become an elite performer and a consistent highlight of WWE shows.

Now, as the promotion prepares to resume full-capacity events starting from SmackDown on Friday night, Reigns is ready to prove that the adjustments to his role over the past year can be continued in the traditional wrestling environment.

Reigns talked about his legacy in the ThunderDome era before SmackDown and Sunday’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view, and was sincere before briefly appearing in his screen role.

“The audience always makes my speech more exciting,” Rains said. “My response has always been, if not the best, it must be the best. I have now demonstrated the level of being a performer in order to be able to do this without a live audience. I have firmly grasped SmackDown and SmackDown are the best part of WWE. It shows me that I am the number one person.

“This is my legacy from ThunderDome. There is no doubt that the great content on social media and can be debated through these polls and try to make arguments. But there is no argument. No one can ever be like me in the past Carrying WWE products like that for a year, I insist on this. You can drive anyone out. We can try to kindly say,’Oh, Bailey! She just got hurt. She is the best.’ Come on, Let’s not lie to ourselves. The tribal chief has been leading WWE for more than a year, and this is undeniable.”

Rains did not perform in the early stages of the pandemic, which is an understandable decision, as he struggled with leukemia in two different periods of his adulthood. His unexpected comeback on SummerSlam in 2020 has created a momentum that has not yet slowed down.

As a recognized locker room leader, Rains understands that some people may still have reservations about abandoning the virtual fan experience of ThunderDome and returning to a building crowded with people. Nevertheless, Rains said the overall attitude in the locker room was positive.

“I would say that everyone is very excited. I would say that everyone may have some questions that I cannot answer. As for being able to go back to what we did and create a different atmosphere and experience, I think changing clothes Everyone in the room and lineup is eager to do this,” Rains said. “This is the case of ThunderDome, and it’s a great experience to be able to continue to fight the pandemic and lockdown and quarantine for all our fans around the world. Now, it’s running. Of course, I think everyone is very Glad to be back to feel the energy and the audience.”

Returning to the live audience may force Rains to change things that make his character popular with fans after turning his heels. Reigns incorporates dialogue into his game, which works well in ThunderDome’s controlled audio, but in front of a live audience cheering, boosing, and shouting, it may be more difficult to use for the same result.

Reigns acknowledged the need to remain flexible as things evolve, but hopes to be able to manage the changes required for continued success.

“I don’t think I can be trapped in any mentality or any pattern,” Rains said. “Like anything, being able to evolve and change is a great thing. Sometimes this mentality brings some growing pains, and you have to overcome it to find that piece of land. For me, I don’t think This is something I have to keep specific. There are some things I want to remember, some of the tools, ThunderDome is a challenge, you have to show different layers, you have to find different tools and sharpen these tools and work in different parts We can deliver a lot of positive things to the live audience, and there are other things that we must adjust and develop in real time every week.

“Things like dialogue within the ring will be different, but they are also things that can be enhanced. There are different things, such as chants, which may happen in the moment. This is what I can do to my advantage and use it as an interactive tool. The technology is still the same, there is a ring microphone, the camera has a microphone, which can be turned on to answer the conversation for the fans at home. At the same time, we want to enhance the live experience and show this to the people watching at home to influence them to want to participate in the actual performance. . This is something you must keep in mind, but I don’t think there is any negative impact. This is only a positive side.”

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