SL vs IND: Kuldeep Yadav said that my white ball career is not over

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Indian star Kuldeep Yadav (Kuldeep Yadav) said that after his poor performance against England in a one-day international match earlier this year, he believes that his white ball career is not over, but admits that when he was long-term When neglected, self-doubt does begin to spread.

Kuldeep is an automatic selection of the Indian team before the 2019 World Cup, and has been ignored by the national team in recent months.Someone thinks his 0 to 84 against England in Pune It brought him bad luck earlier this year.

Speak to the media after India Win 7 wickets in the first ODI In the game against Sri Lanka in Colombo on Sunday, he said: “After that England game, I never felt that my white ball career was over.”

“Sometimes you go for a run. I have four and five wicket pulls, and it would be better if people started talking about these achievements,” Kurdip said.

SL v IND, 1st ODI-When things happen

“A bad game or two does not end a person’s career. I believe everyone who has played the game and knows the game knows this fact. The track in Pune (during the England Series) is great for hitting the ball, and The spinner doesn’t help much. It may happen that the ticket gates are not suitable for you,” said Kuldeep, who has 107 ticket gates from 64 ODIs.

But sports may be lonely, especially during the COVID period and bubble period. In this case, players may spend a long time in a closed environment without a chance.

‘New type of doubt’

Kuldeep has been on and off the team without much game time, and he admits that this does have a bad effect.

“It’s a hard life [the] Bubbles, especially when you are not playing, because self-doubt will spread. A lot of people want to help you and talk to you, but when you talk to too many people, you will have new suspicions,” Kuldeep said.

Kuldeep said that you must be patient in team sports, because opportunities may not come easily. Before the first ODI against Sri Lanka, he was under pressure, but the wisdom of coach Rahul Dravid helped him calm his nerves.

“When you play for a long time, there will always be stress and tension. I played for a long time. This happens when you are eager to do well. At first, Mr. Rahul was very supportive of me and inspired me, he told me Many things, but most importantly, I need to enjoy my game…I am glad it worked…”

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He said that after the poor performance of India and his IPL club Kolkata Cavaliers, one of the key changes he brought was a change in his delivery speed. “I brought some changes because in the first game, it was slow and dry and provided a kick-off. I am changing the speed based on the batter I want to bowl,” he said, referring to the Sri Lankan game .

“Sometimes I try to make the ball fly, sometimes I speed up the passing speed. My idea is to make sure that the batter is not fixed at a certain speed.”

Kuldeep and Chahal have not participated in international competitions together for a long time. “We have a good comfort level, so I am very happy that we are playing together after a long time. We support each other and we will tell each other what we need to do as long as we need it. There are many connections between us, which helps “We are in the show. The best part is that our performance helped the team win,” Kuldeep signed.

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