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Today we are visiting with Bonnie Pulikatis.

The following are some pictures of the woodland gardens that arrived in our District 7 in northern Georgia in the spring.

Blood root blossomThere is nothing more representative of spring than the flowers of bloodroot (Canada sanguinaria, Zone 3-8). In late March or early April, the flowers of this native plant brought great joy with its amazing simplicity. We are fortunate enough to have a gardening friend who generously shared some of their blood root flora, and these plants continue to spread through rhizomes. The shade of deciduous trees is very suitable for blood roots because it allows plants to use early sunlight to grow strong roots to continue spreading.

Furry shield fern and blooming strawberry geraniumThis stump was built at the end of 2018 and continues to have its own life. (See Previous GPOD post Learn more about the construction of this stump and all the plants. ) Furry Shield Fern this spring (Cycad fern, Area 5–8) is located in the center, with its symmetrical bright green and black leaf fountain eye-catching.this Strawberry Geranium (Saxifraga, Areas 6-9, bloom at the base of the stump, and provide a lace white border.

Wild hyacinthWild hyacinth (Hawthorn, Areas 4–8) are bulbs that bloom lovely light blue flowers in April or early May.

Cow slipthis Cow slip (Daisy spring, Area 3-8) The leaves of the leopard plant are used as the background to form an interesting composition (Bay leaf, Districts 7-10).

Queen of HeartsI admire the bird’s-eye view of the garden from the deck, which often inspires design inspiration.Furry shield fern and “Queen of Hearts” fern (Large leaf blackberry ‘Queen of Hearts’, Area 3-8), Surrounded by a sea of ​​blooming strawberry geraniums.

Red bellDeciduous shrub Wind flower grass “Red Bell” (Area 6–8) In view of the bell-shaped cream flowers with red tips that appeared in early May, they are properly named.

“Coral Reef” Sedum (Four Leaf Sedum ‘Coral reef’, Area 5–8) A long-term performance was staged this spring. Sedum carpet with ‘Palace Purple’ heuchera (Hecera Mikania “Gong Zi”, Area 4-9) Under the’Bloodgood’ Japanese maple (Acer palmatum,’Bloodgood’, area 5-9) Every morning, when the sun brings brilliant hues to the yellow flowers, it is a delightful sight.

Fern in autumnYou can understand the scientific name of Qiu Fern Red Hair Fern (Area 5-8), as a Greek word Erythrosium Means “red”. As the new leaves unfold in the spring, they are red before they finally mature into a shiny green.

Autumn Moon Japanese MapleBloodroot not only announces the arrival of spring with its white flowers, but the leaves also provide good interest in summer.On this rainy morning, the color and shape of the bloodroot leaves in the foreground contrasted sharply with the yellow-green leaves of “Autumn Moon” Japanese Maple (Acer White Pond, Areas 5-7).

Canine companion, Cody!Without my gardening partner and canine companion Cody, every day in the garden would be incomplete!

Do you have a garden you want to share?

Do you have any photos to share? We would love to see your garden, the specific plant series you like, or the wonderful garden you have the opportunity to visit!

Submit and send 5-10 photos to [email protected] And some information about the plants in the photo and where the photo was taken. We would love to know where you are, how long you have been in gardening, the success you are proud of, the lessons you learned from it, your hope for the future, your favorite plants or interesting stories in your garden.

If you want to send photos to GPOD mailbox That’s fine.

Do you have a cell phone?Tag your photo Facebook, Instagram or Twitter With #FineGardening!

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