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Today, we will go to Everel Park in New York with Stephanie Stewart.

These are pictures of some of my favorite pollinators.Hummingbirds are attracted by Salvia (Salvia Guaranitica, 7-10 districts or every year), honeysuckle (Honeysuckle spp.) and Horn Vine (Campsis Free radicals, Areas 5-9) in our garden.Butterflies like the many colors of phlox (Phlox Spike flower, Area 4–8), cone flower (Echinacea Species and hybrids, zones 4-9) and Hydrangea. Hummingbird moths of particular interest Bee paste (Monarda spp., Zones 4–7) Red and pink.

Planting all kinds of plants attracts them!

Hummingbird flying towards purple salviaHummingbirds come in to enjoy the sweetness nectar Snacks of salvia flowers. The long, tubular flowers of sage evolved to retain nectar for hummingbirds because other pollinators did not have long enough tongues to touch the nectar. But sometimes bees-especially bumblebees-cheat and do something called “grabbing nectar”. They bit the hole at the base of the flower, sneak in and get nectar from the side. If many bees start to grab nectar, you won’t see so many hummingbirds on your sage.

Hummingbird feeds on salviaAlthough the flowers that many hummingbirds pollinate are RedThey are not always the case, hummingbirds are happy to visit any flower rich in nectar.

White hibiscus with pink centerA cute hardy hibiscus (Hibiscus Mixed, areas 5-9) bloom, and there is a darker pattern in the center of the flower, called the nectar guide, which helps the pollinator get a sweet reward.

Orange cone flowerIf your target is a pollinator, please select Echinacea Varieties with normal single rows of petals, such as this orange hybrid, will provide the most nectar and pollen, rather than double-flowered varieties with extra petals.

Hummingbird flying towards pink flowersHummingbirds approach Trumpet Vine, a typical safflower plant that uses hummingbirds as pollinators.

Two butterflies on pink cone flowerButterflies rejoice in echinacea blooms

Butterfly near bright pink cone flowerMore butterflies stayed on the bright pink echinacea.

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