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Jay Sifford is a regular contributor to GPOD. We visited his garden in Charlotte, North Carolina (Revisit Jay Gardens in North Carolina), today we are in his other garden in the mountains of western North Carolina.

Although the mountains in western North Carolina are now dry, the garden doesn’t seem to mind.This Pollinator Also very happy. I took these updated photos, these photos are my septic tank turned into a stylized grass garden, with a midsummer color.

Pink flowers in front of purple flowersEchinacea Purpura ‘Magnus Superior’ (zones 4-9) and Liatris Spikes (Area 3-8) Bring similar colors but completely different shapes Texture To the garden.

Orange cone flower in front of Ninebark‘Tiki Torch’ Echinacea (Echinacea Mixed, zones 5-9) are new to me.Here it shines in front of the “Black Panther” nine trees (Locust tree Gold finger Area 2–8) and “Blue Dune” Lymegrass (Lymus chinensis “Blue Sand Dunes”, area 4-8).

Hydrangea in front of ornamental grassThis is a layered example, using Hydrangea Spike flower ‘Phantom’ (zones 3-8),’Karley Rose’ Pennisetum (Pennisetum East ‘Karley Rose’, zones 5-8), Liatris spicata, ‘Blue Dune’ Lymegrass,’Bonnie Blue’ and’The Limey’ spruce (Spruce pungens, Area 2–7), and calamus Conifers “Karl Foster” (zones 5-9).

White spike hydrangeaclose up Hydrangea ‘phantom’.My spring has become bolder Spike flower prune. I keep cutting them to less than 10 inches from the ground, like hard plums on rose bushes. The result is large flowers on very straight, strong stems.

Purple and yellow flowersThe color gradient of this garden is better than I expected. here, “American Gold Rush” Coneflower (Rubber chrysanthemum The “American Gold Rush”, zones 3-9) began to bloom. This variety should be fungus resistant. So far so good. It is the 2nd year in the garden.

Ornamental grasses in the whole garden behindcalamus ‘Carl Foster’ Provide sensual gauze in the garden.

Mountain garden with coniferous trees in summerA wide view of the garden before late July

Mountain mint in front of the gardenTourmaline (Mountain Mint, Zone 4-8) Aggressive when happy, but it’s real Pollinator Attractor. Its root system is very suitable for maintaining soil on slopes.

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